About me: I am Hege, founder and CEO of Epic Nomad Life. Solo female travel.

Hi There, I am Hege!

Former military officer and Master of Political Science, current solopreneur, digital nomad, adventurer and travel writer, TEDx Speaker, ICF Certified Coach, course creator, and Passionate Nomad Human.

I have backpacked solo in South America, been based in Havana, Cuba, been wreck diving in the polar North Sea in winter, booked a hostel in the wrong country, kissed a stingray, hiked the Colombian Amazon, road-tripped in the US, surfed in Costa Rica, and cared for wild animals in the rainforest in Ecuador, to mention a few of my solo adventures.

And I am here to help you become an intrepid solo female traveler!

Becoming A Confident Solo Traveler

I have traveled my whole life, a lot of the time solo. Sometimes because no one else could join me, and other times because I really enjoyed the solo traveling experience.

So, by now, I am an avid solo traveler and also a dedicated slow traveler (and, in that regard, probably a horrible “tourist”), and I really want you to experience that, too!

Hence, my second mission turns out to be showing adventurous souls out there how to LOVE traveling solo, what travel resources to use, and communities to connect with to do it confidently as well!

Many people I meet tell me they would love to embark on solo adventures, but for various practical (and some not-so-practical) reasons, find it a bit daunting.

I have concluded that during my journeys, I have developed a solo travel confidence and a set of skills that you might benefit from!

Exploring the world on your own is, in my opinion, one of the absolutely best ways to travel.

And if you can, I will always encourage you to travel slowly on your solo journeys as well and be present and curious about your chosen destinations.

If you rush through things and places, I promise you you will miss out on so many golden moments and hidden gems while traveling! So slow down!

Where I Have Lived & Traveled

Travel and adventure have always been a passion for me, and I have explored the world every moment I have had the opportunity to set a course somewhere new and exciting.

From my first family vacation to Spain to my new life as a digital nomad and world traveler, these are the destinations I have lived or traveled.

πŸ“ Cayman Islands

πŸ“ Colombia

πŸ“ Costa Rica

πŸ“ Cuba

πŸ“ Dominican Republic

πŸ“ Jamaica

πŸ“ USA

πŸ“ Peru

πŸ“ Puerto Rico

πŸ“ Ecuador

πŸ“ Antigua & Barbuda

πŸ“ England

πŸ“ Ireland

πŸ“ France

πŸ“ Italy

πŸ“ Germany

πŸ“ Denmark

πŸ“ Ireland

πŸ“ Norway

πŸ“ Croatia

πŸ“ Greece

πŸ“ Iceland

πŸ“ Switzerland

πŸ“ The Netherlands

πŸ“ Portugal

πŸ“ Spain

πŸ“ Austria

πŸ“ Finland

πŸ“ Sweden

πŸ“ Belgium

πŸ“ Monaco

πŸ“ Latvia

πŸ“ Macedonia

πŸ“ Thailand

πŸ“ Morocco

πŸ“ Jordan

πŸ“ Afghanistan

πŸ“ Tunisia

πŸ“ Brazil

πŸ“ Egypt

πŸ“ Turkey

For the last five years, I have been traveling the Caribbean & Americas, and I am super excited to help you with the best travel tips possible from my favorite destinations!

The Journey To Becoming A Traveling Digital Nomad

About me: on a secluded beach in Costa Rica after walking 2 hours in the jungle to find this paradisiacal beach!
After an unplanned amount of time hiking in the jungle in Costa Rica we found this secluded beach

After my solo journey in South America in 2019 and 20 years in the army, I decided I needed to change my path after serving for most of my adult life.

A β€œlifetime” of focus on war and conflict requires some level of countermeasures – and I discovered exactly those countermeasures in the Latin American culture, dancing, and nature experiences above and below water!

During my six-month solo journey in Latin and South America, I re-discovered a lot of things that I want to focus on and experience.

I had what I can only call a β€œmagic moment”, as I rediscovered the absolute BLISS of dancing; the music and the rhythm, and the flow with a dance partner.

Long story short, I decided to leave the army, and as a completely analog person, I started the journey to change my career. I founded my first website in 2020, and in 2024, I created Epic Nomad Life.


I am clearly not a professional dancer, but I am now a multi-hatted Entrepreneur, Professional Traveler, Digital Nomad, Certified Coach, Public Speaker, and Online Solopreneur.

Where I Have Been Featured

πŸ“ She Buys Travel

πŸ“ The Planet D

πŸ“ We Travel There

πŸ“ Eco Lodges Anywhere

πŸ“ Mommy Travels

πŸ“ Wanderer Writes

πŸ“ Spend Life Traveling

πŸ“ Find A Way Abroad

πŸ“ 24hourlayovers

πŸ“ Paradise Catchers

πŸ“ Travel Era

πŸ“ foXnoMad

πŸ“ The World Overload

πŸ“ Hill City Bride

πŸ“ The Backpacking Site

From the Army to the Arts!

Falling in love with the traveling lifestyle was beyond unexpected for a shieldmaiden like myself, and I did travel regularly for a couple of years before I made my decision.

Being a Traveler has become part of my identity now, and I want to share my experiences in the form of inspiring articles, photos, and stories.

Why Travel Writer?

As I love to explore beyond boundaries. Starting with exploring the Caribbean & Latin culture, dance, music, tours, delicious foods, nature experiences, and great scuba diving sites in the region, etc., etc., etc..!

And then onto epic destination in the rest of the world. This will be your Solo Travel ONE-STOP SHOP!

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Hege Jacobsen
Hege Jacobsen is a solo female traveler and the founder of Epic Nomad Life. She is also a former military officer, veteran and Master of Political Science. She has traveled solo all her life, the last four years as a full time digital nomad. A life long solo and slow traveler, Hege also did a TEDx talk in 2023 about how to communicate better with A Traveler's Mindset!