Me, a solo female traveler, walking in the soft surf alone on the golden sandy beach in San Juan Puerto Rico on a bright summer day with blue seas and blue sky.

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I Am Hege!

Hege Jacobsen: Solo Female Travel & Solo Travel Expert. Solo Female Travel Coach.

– Solo Female Travel Expert –

Since 2020, I have been a full-time female solo traveling digital nomad. I always travel slowly and stay at least one month at every destination, really getting to know the ins and outs!

So far I have visited about 50 countries and given a TEDx talk about The traveler’s Mindset. Welcome to my one-stop shop for Solo Female Travel 😎

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Hege Jacobsen
Hege Jacobsen is a solo female traveler and the founder of Epic Nomad Life. She is also a former military officer, veteran and Master of Political Science. She has traveled solo all her life, the last four years as a full time digital nomad. A life long solo and slow traveler, Hege also did a TEDx talk in 2023 about how to communicate better with A Traveler's Mindset!