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Colombian Artist Feid 2024 FERXXOCALIPSIS World Tour

Colombian Artist Feid World Tour details soon to be announced for the 2024 FERXXOCALIPSIS WORLD TOUR.

The tour dates and specific concert locations for the famous Colombian singer Feid Ferxxocalipsis Tour starting sometime in 2024 are still not completely clear.

According to his own SoMe statements (Feid has a vibrant social media presence), the wait for all Feid fans across the world ready to buy a concert ticket for the FERXXOCALIPSIS WORLD TOUR (and a plane ticket?) is over very soon. So we will just have to wait for the press release (or Instagram update).

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His tour will visit an almost infinite number of countries around the world, and how long Feid will tour for is still not known. One year? Two, or maybe even longer?

The number of world fans waiting for the announcement of the 2024 international tour details is probably in the millions, and if you are one of them – here is a little sneak-peak into the tour details we know so far.

In addition to Colombia, Feid is also touring around the United States, but the locations are not all known.

Colombian Star Feid World Tour

These are the concert locations that have been revealed by February 2024:

You can go to Feid’s own website and register your email for updates.

When you register, you must select which city you are interested in.

Who Is The Artist Feid?

Colombian musical phenomenon, singer, songwriter, and rapper Feid is famous for his smooth vocals wrapped in a rapping package, and he is the Reggaeton Ambassador for Medellin.

Feid was born in Medellin on the 12th of August 1992, one of my favorite cities in Colombia, and his birth name is Salomon Villada Hoyos.

Before he turned nine, he had discovered a love for music and started to play the clarinet and sing in his hometown, University Antioquia.

Soon after he decided he wanted to go for music as his career, Feid started performing cumbia and reggaeton concerts for small audiences of friends and schoolmates in his early years.

His groundbreaking musical journey evolved little by little as he was recognized for his talent and skills. He adopted the name “Feid,” which translates to “solid faith” in God himself, referring to a belief in his own talent.

As a young artist and songwriter, he started writing songs for artists like Nicky Jam, Alberto Stylee, and J. Balvin – each one a chart-topping artist on the Latin music scene.

His own first solo album was released in 2015 called Asi Como Suena, which means something like “how one dreams”, or “dreaming like this”.

His first single, “Morena,” and his album were hit songs, and he ended up signing with Universal Music, which relaunched an updated version of his first album in 2017 featuring several remixes and guest artists.

His two next albums came in 2020. Bahia Ducati and Ferxxo really put Feid’s remix skills on display, and in 2021, he upped his solo career as a performer in Latin America with the album Inter Shibuya – La Mafia.

Feid is currently a solid global artist with a global audience.

Singing in Spanish, his distinct, unmistakable voice, dynamic stage presence, beat, and style are becoming ever more popular – including in the USA and Europe.

From his place on stage, he charms his thousands of fans with a variety of huge reggaeton and cumbia hits that have been topping the charts for almost a decade.

And there is definitely more to come!

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