Breakfast in Havana: La Vitrola close to Plaza vieja is a great breakfast option in Havana Old City.

Breakfast In Havana: 5 Best Old Havana Breakfast Options From A Local (2024)

While visiting Havana, whether or not you have breakfast included in your casa, you may want to try out one of the best places for breakfast in the Old City.

A lot of restaurants in Havana open in the morning and stay open long into the night and early morning, serving dinner. 

I have tested a lot of places to eat in Havana, being based in the Old City for long periods of time over five years.

Sometimes, when I was not in the mood to make breakfast in my casa, I would go out somewhere new to “research” breakfast places. Here are a few really good ones I recommend you try, too.

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Best Breakfast In Havana

Breakfast at Kilometro Zero In Old Havana, Cuba.

Why not go out and enjoy your Havana breakfast and strong Cuban coffee while people-watching in the old colonial streets of La Habana Vieja?

In Old Havana, a few places are opening really early, serving traditional Cuban breakfast or a European or American version of the “most important meal of the day.”

Here are my top breakfast places in Old Havana that will help you start your day perfectly.

1. Breakfast At Antojos In Old Havana

One really nice breakfast place is Antojos, a super small space with bright red parasols on the outside seating and a funky interior on the inside.

Antojos opens at 11 a.m., so it is not for the earliest risers, but they serve a brunch special between 11 and 12 noon every day, including fresh juice, plus coffee if you need it.

The service is impeccable, and the food is delicious, so for a late breakfast or early lunch, Antojos is a great choice to start your day. The price for a brunch with coffee was 275 CUP (just under $12) in November 2021.

Address: Callejón de Espada e/ Cuarteles y Chacón, Old Havana

2. El Cafe Old Havana

El Cafe breakfast in Old Havana Cuba

It is almost impossible to find El Cafe in Old Havana, as there are no signs or signals on the outside. I found it only because a Cuban friend showed me. It was my first encounter with a cafe-cafe in Havana five years ago.

It is almost like any elegant cafe in Europe, apart from the incredibly high ceiling and elegant details in the classic interior, telltales from colonial times.

You can find it on Amargura Street in Old Havana. Its stylish, classic, elegant interior creates a wonderful ambiance. The restaurant serves great sandwiches, toasts, super fierce Cuban coffee, and fresh juices made while you wait.

At times, especially around lunch, the venue can be completely full, so you might have to wait a bit to be seated. Take a seat and enjoy breakfast or a sandwich, great coffee, or fresh juice.

Address: Amargura #358 between street Villegas and street Aguacate

3. La Vitrola by Plaza Vieja

La Vitrola restaurant in Old Havana eclectic colorful interior.

Right on the edge of Plaza Vieja, on the corner between Muralla and San Ignacio Street, you find La Vitrola, a restaurant that is open most of the day and night. This is in the thick of the tourist area in Old Havana, which means that the waiters generally speak English well.

Officially, it opens at 11 a.m., but when I passed one morning around 9 a.m., they were happy to seat me and get me breakfast anyways.

The Vitrola has a wide international menu and can get you pretty much any breakfast you prefer, plus soft drinks, coffee, or tea.

The inside space in La Vitrola is open and super colorful, letting the street life in. Bicycles, planes, and other weird stuff hang from the ceiling, and old-fashioned music boxes decorate the walls.

You can also be seated outside, but be aware that this is a lively area, so be careful with troubadours, sellers, and people everywhere.

Address: Plaza Vieja, San Ignacio / Esquina Muralla

4. D’Next American Diner

DNext American Diner restaurant in Old Havana, Cuba

Almost at the top of Old Havana, close to Parque Cristo, is a shiny and colorful restaurant designed like an American diner from the 50s.

D’Next opens at 9 a.m. and offers a wide variety of breakfast options, including the American version with pancakes or the fresh European version with fruit and juice. Of course, you can also get a Cuban-style breakfast if you want to stick to that as the traveler you are.

D’Next is an empresa particular, a privately owned restaurant,. The interior is modern, fresh, and American. This is not where you go for a Cuban ambiance.

The atmosphere is good, the venue is fresh, and the food and service here are good, so I am confident you will be happy here if you like this style of breakfast.

Address: Teniente Rey 512, e/Monserrate y Bernaza

5. Kilometro Zero

Kilometro Zero in Old Havana Cuba, colorful interior and the bar.

On the very top of Teniente Rey Street, just on the corner, lies a beautiful, eclectic, and colorful restaurant with huge open windows and a great atmosphere.

Paladar Kilometro Zero is a super nice, not-so-big place with striking wall paintings and lots of ornaments in the interior.

They open the doors at 8 a.m., serving delicious breakfasts with eggs and toast, fresh juice, and your choice of coffee or tea on the side.

The staff at Km Zero is super friendly and speaks English. The service is great, and the menu for the rest of the day is also really good. I love the tacos and the ceviche here!

Km Zero stays open from morning to night.

Address: Monserrate #437, Esquina de Teniente Rey, La Habana Vieja

What To Do In Havana After Breakfast?

All energized with fresh juices, coffee, and huevos revueltos, scrambled eggs; what to do in Havana for the rest of the day?

Here are my three top tips for tours in Havana that I think you will love.

Classic American Car Tour Of Havana

Classic American car driving along the Malecon boardwalk in Havana in sunny weather before sunset
Day trip to Cuba from Miami classic American car driving along the Malecon boardwalk in Havana in sunny weather before sunset

Although it is a touristy activity, I always recommend that visitors take the Classic American Car tour. This is a great way to get an overview of the entire city of Havana, which is especially good if it is their first visit.

You will drive into Central Havana, along the Malecon, through the Vedado, over to the Havana Forest, and into Quinta Avenida, Miramar, and Playa.

And on the return, up the venerable Avenida Prado, the former home of Cuba’s richest, before you come back to Parque Central or your hotel or casa.

Havana Guided Walking Tour

The cathedral in Old Havana, in Plaza del la Catedral. Travel to Cuba.

You can have a wonderful time just strolling around in Old Havana by yourself; there is no doubt about that.

However, if you are above average interested in history, architecture, and getting to know the destination you are visiting, a walking tour with a knowledgeable guide might be perfect for you.

See all the famous places, houses, and streets, and get the 500-year-old history at the same time.

Classic Car Day Trip to Vinales Valley

Overview of the green Vinales Valley in Cuba, west of Havana.

If you have a few days with Havana as your base, taking a private day trip to Vinales Valley is a decision you will not regret.

This amazing, fertile Cuban valley is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is the home of the famous Cuban cigars and rum and where you can explore the amazing Cueva del Indio.

In one day, you get the highlights (although there are lots of things to do in Vinales if you have more time).

Wrap-Up Breakfast in Havana

Hopefully, you have had a few options for breakfast in Havana that you will really like! These are some of my favorites for a variety of reasons, and all have great food.

Whenever you don’t have homemade breakfast in your casa particular, these are great places to start your day.

From here, enjoy exploring Havana.

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