Minimalist travel essentials is critical for world nomads and intrepid globe trotters like this chica

14 Best Minimalist Travel Essentials & Digital Nomad Gadgets From An Expert Traveler (2024)

These little minimalist travel essentials and accessories may not actually save your life, but smart tech stuff and cool travel accessories are super helpful for friction-free and easy-peasy journeys!

There is a myriad of smart little life-savers out there, invented by people who have traveled the hard way before you.

These are my favorite travel essential accessories for this season to help me enjoy my time both before, during, and after my travels.

Affiliate disclosure: I only recommend tours, services and purchases I know and love on this website.

14 Super Smart Minimalist Travel Gadgets This Season!

A woman walking on an arched wooden pier over crystal clear water on a bright summer day in the Caribbean. She is wearing a white dress, a white hat, and is looking out to sea and the horizons blue skies.
Solo traveling woman

Be clever, and choose the accessories and gadgets that make your journey comfortable and free of stress.

Here are some of my favorites that I never leave home without, and also a bunch of things that will make life a lot easier on the road. I bet you will wonder how you managed without it! 

1. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

You gotta have music! 

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 is a neat and powerful mini speaker that is with me whenever I travel! 

It is super easy to pack, takes up “no space,” is waterproof, has 360 sound, has good bass, and floats! The Ultimate Ears works even on the beach with a small group and waves in the distance. 

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  • New: has an outdoor boost button 
  • The battery powers 13 whopping hours of sound.
  • Waterproof, dustproof & floats
  • Double up to stereo: pair two WONDERBOOM speakers for stereo mode.
  • Dirt-resistant and drop-proof 
  • Easy play/pause/skip from the speaker or your phone.
  • Extensive compatibility for smartphones, tablets, etc. 

PS: Here is how to pack a Bluetooth speaker in checked luggage, if you are wondering!

2. Mophie Powerstation XXL Review

The Mophie power station XXL is a supercharging power bank that can fully charge your phone 4,5 times on one full bank! 

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It charges three devices simultaneously, on one USB-C port, and two USB-A ports. 

This high-capacity portable power bank contains a 20,000mAh battery. It charges quickly and charges your devices in no time, which I think makes it worth it because it is a bit more compact and heavy than other power banks out there.

It keeps all my devices working for long travels, and I only need that one. I love it!

3. Jabra Elite 7 Pro In-Ear Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Earbuds

Whenever you are staying in an environment where you don’t choose your hotel-mates (or even if you do), sometimes other people’s fun might not be what makes you enjoy your holiday audiobook or podcast.

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A real minimalist travel gadget for peace of mind is the small, easy-to-bring in-ear noise-canceling sound system!

I love my earbuds that block out the noise of my surroundings while I listen to music or my audiobook or whatever I feel like listening to in my holiday mood!

4. Minimalist Travel Gadgets | Wine Opener (Yep!)

You absolutely can not leave home without a wine opener! Sooo many times, I have arrived at a destination, preparing for a crisp glass of chilled white wine, and there is no opener in my room or even in reception (if there is one). 

Those days are over. A wine opener takes no space at all, and if you are clever, you can get a multi-tool or a chef’s choice, as I have, that has the extra skill to remove a tiny cork from a glass bottle. But bring this brilliant little thing!

5. Travel-The-World Adapter

When traveling extensively between continents, having one gadget that transforms every electricity socket to suit all your other gadgets is a Godsend. 

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Invest in a small, around-the-globe wall socket adapter that will get you charged and online in all corners of the world. In my experience, it truly is a low price for an easier life! 

6. iPhone 14 PRO | Smartphone With Superb Photo Skills

And when I say smartphone, I am one of the iPhone-addicted people on the planet. 

I upgraded to the iPhone 14 PRO before traveling because of its extended photo and video qualities and the great reviews I read about it from several independent tests!

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And I don’t regret it; I can upload incredible images to my blog, Instagram, and Pinterest that stand the test of zooming quite significantly. 

The filters and editing options really do not stand back from editing programs like Lightroom Classic. For my needs, which are smaller screens up to laptop size, it is perfect.

If you need to upgrade your phone and also have a budget perspective AND think environmentally friendly, re-use, and sustainable shopping, check out the selection of refurbished phones for sale that are as good as new! 

7. TP-Link M7350 Mobile Wifi Router

I LOVE this little thing, first and foremost, because it is a TINY little thing! And whenever I need to be online outside the grid, it is a lifesaver. 

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The TP-Link is super small, it takes no space at all in your luggage, and it connects easily as long as you have 4G LTE where you are. 

Tiny gadgets really are the coolest things I know in the make-life-easy series. Yey! 

8. Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera

I will start with a DISCLAIMER, as I am not a professional photographer, so feel free to check out this review as well. 

I have several courses on photography for travel journalism and art photography, and I have used the Canon EOS M50 for around two years. 

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What I love about the Canon EOS M50 are the price, size, and weight. It is super small and handy, and due to the plastic casing (that some think makes it look cheap), it has a very low weight. 

The Canon EOS M50 comes with a 15-45 mm lens, which will suit many needs apart from considerably long distances. For photography that requires a larger fixed lens, you can upgrade your photo kit and invest in a lens you prefer. 

For my use, the video quality is also more than good enough, but that may be a factor to consider if you shoot in difficult light, for example. 

Having a small and light camera makes it so much easier to bring it too, when your possible motive, lighting, distance, or action level requires more than a (fancy) phone. 

On the downside, this camera has no protection from rain or humidity. I have not had any problems so far, but then again, I worry every time there is a shower coming my way, and that is a bit inhibiting. 

Check this review for the Canon EOS M50 Mark II if you are unsure!

9. Osprey Fairpoint 80 Backpack

The red Osprey backpack standing beside my white rental car on a sunny day in Costa Rica.
The Osprey Farpoint on a road trip in Costa Rica

My bright red Osprey Farpoint 80 backpack has been with me for three years now, and I still love it! 

True, it is a bit big for this minimalist travel gadget list, I do agree. I see that a lot of travelers work hard to make their pack as small as possible, and shorten their packing list accordingly.

For me, though, I have found that I prefer to have a little extra packing space available. I also like to have some space for travel shopping underway. 

I rarely find myself walking long distances in rugged terrain or horrible weather, so until now; the 80-liter Osprey has been nothing but a blessing.

If you prefer something smaller, though, it comes in tinier sizes as well that are equally cleverly made. Read the Osprey Farpoint 80 review for details.

The Osprey Farpoint 80L backpack is out of stock right now. You can check out other top-rated Osprey Farpoint sizes here, or below.

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No products found.

10. Cool Travel Accessories | Lightweight Hammock

My blue and purple hammock and me on a sleepover on one of the islands in the Oslo fjords in the summer
My hammock and me on a sleepover

My first time in a travel hammock of this kind was in 2018, and that was a game-changer. I like to hike and sleep out in the open, but I also like soft princess beds. The rocky surface of the earth is not always kind to sleeping beauties. 

But then I woke up one summer morning in the Norwegian summer in this hammock! 

No pains in my back or neck, and I slept like a baby all night long; nothing short of a revelation. Tiny packaging weighs nothing and is also perfect for breaks or naps on a day trip or something.

11. #1 ExpressVPN Secure & Fast

You should invest in a VPN when you travel to secure all your online services and valuables on the road. After trying several different options, I finally settled on ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN banner

A VPN protects you from other users stealing your data, like usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, browser cookies, and other identifying information, which, of course, is super important. 

Also, a VPN allows travelers to access the Internet as if they were in their own country – or other countries you want to appear to be in.

As I have been traveling for the last three years in countries subject to sanctions that also affect online services, I have experienced firsthand how important it can be! 

ExpressVPN was the only provider that successfully helped me work as a digital nomad in a country that is subject to extensive sanctions, which also affects online services and service providers. 

12. Cool Travel Accessories For Workout On The Road

It is not always easy to find a gym when you are traveling, especially one that offers drop-in clients a decent price to stay fit on the road for a longer period!

My solution is elastic bands for exercise! 

They come in various forms, are super cheap, weigh nothing, and take up no space at all. 

13. Travel Pharmacy

You are well-advised to bring a travel pharmacy, with prescription drugs you normally use, as well as nonprescription drugs or sanitary items you “can not live without”. 

For starters, you won’t be able to buy normal painkillers, antiseptic creams, mosquito repellants, or band-aids in Cuba. 

Also, normal sanitary items you might need are going to be hard to find as well. That includes toothpaste and soap, FYI. Below is a suggestion for a travel pharmacy you might want to assemble for your journey to be prepared for common inconveniences on your way. 

14. Skin Protection For A Hot And Humid Climate

Remember that if you are going to the Caribbean or somewhere warm, don’t be stingy with the SPF and after-sun products.

I include these recommendations as I have been traveling the Caribbean non-stop for over two years now, and STILL, sometimes I make rookie mistakes!

You really don’t want to get sunburned, and long-term skin health protection is super important to prevent serious conditions and sun damage. 

The iS Clinical Eclipse SPF 50 face sunscreen comes in a rather big tube; you can choose one with a bit of tint. Perfect for longer journeys, and doubles as a tinted day cream.

The Colorescience brush-on sun powder is a bit mattifying, as well as SPF 30-50, and easy to bring in your beach bag or purse during the hot days. 

Clinique moisture spray and moisture surge cream are also life savers for my dry, sun-exposed skin, which hydrates and restores it morning and evening – and the spray even during the day! 

For your body care, body scrub gloves never run out! And it takes no space at all, super-smart for travel luggage. 

And, of course, SPF for your body and a nice soothing after-sun treatment after the sun has set is super important. Clinique is one of my favorite brands, as the price is reasonable, and the products are gentle with the skin, both calming and moisturizing. 

The Aveda hair mask is great for the sun, and salt-damaged hair comes in a small box and goes a long way. A great choice for travelers, I have long hair and still have lots on my third month of traveling. 

Wrap-Up Minimalist Travel Gadgets For This Season

That’s it!

If you have a “travel kit” ready with all the best travel gadgets that make your life a lot easier and more convenient on the road, traveling will be a breeze. Even long-haul journeys and excruciating waiting in airport transfers.

Happy Travels.

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