Best things to do in Varadero Cuba, along this paradisiacal sandy peninsula

19 Best Things To Do In Varadero From A Frequent Visitor (2024)

After traveling to Cuba regularly for five years and exploring the island extensively, let me share my expert advice on the best things to do in Varadero.

Known for its lush all-inclusive resorts, paradise beaches, and chill holiday lifestyle, you can stay entertained inside a luxurious resort your whole vacation. But I don’t really think you want to do that after you have seen what the area has to offer.

This largest resort area in the Caribbean has a plethora of fun things to do whether you travel by yourself, with the love of your life, or with friends and family. But let me share immediately: Varadero is nothing like the rest of Cuba.

Whether you stay in Vardero or embark on an exploration of other destinations, this list will have you covered!

Affiliate disclosure: I only recommend tours, services and purchases I know and love on this website.

My Favorite Tour: Cayo Blanco Catamaran Trip!

In A Hurry? Quick Guide Top 5 Varadero Activities

📍 EpicNomadLife Tip: Here are five top-rated super popular tours in Varadero:

19 Amazing Things To Do In Varadero

What is there to do in Varadero outside your hotel?

There is an array of Varadero excursions you need to check out that will give you great adventures in and around Varadero, whether you prefer the chill or the adrenaline.

In this article, you will find adventures in the vicinity, on the peninsula, or even a bit further away.

1. Laid-Back Cayo Blanco Catamaran Trip

Catamaran trip in Varadero, a beautiful white catamaran on the deep blue sea under a bright blue sky!
From my catamaran tour in Varadero

This is the catamaran tour you can see in my video at the top of the article, my favorite excursion in Varadero.

The trip day starts at 8 am with around a two-hour boat ride along the tranquil Caribbean blue waters while you relax in the breeze before the catamaran reaches the popular destination of the day: Cayo Blanco.

Throughout the day, there is an open bar where you can enjoy some of the best cocktails prepared with Cuban rum until you are dropped off on the white sands.

Cayo Blanco is a deserted island with nothing but white sands, one of the best places to go snorkeling and exploring the marine life on coral reefs in Cuba. Enjoy colorful corals, sponges, crustaceans, and countless species of tropical fish.

On Cayo Blanco, you will have a buffet meal of traditional Caribbean foods, including lobster between swimming and snorkeling, before you head back to shore in the afternoon.

2. Classic Car Tour In Varadero Cuba

American red convertible and a blue white classic car parked on the beach in Varadero Cuba Serie Cuba Reportage

You don’t need to be in the capital, Havana, to enjoy the famous classic cars roaming around Cuba; you find them all over the island.

Now, you can also do a traditional Classic American Car Tour, which is among the best things to do in Varadero, taking you all over the Hicacos peninsula to enjoy the scenery.

The ride takes you by Josóne Park, by the house of famous mobster Al Capone, and the Varadero town market, to mention a few things.

You will be picked up at your hotel at 10 am for the tour and returned to your doorstep at 12 with messy hair!

3. Yumuri Valley Jeep Tour

Jeep tour

You start your Yumury Valley jeep tour with a stop at Coral Beach. This stunning natural enclave of crystalline waters is where you can snorkel an amazing coral reef and admire the island’s rich marine diversity.

The tour continues to the Cave of Saturn, which is home to two large caverns and a natural pool of emerald waters where you can swim in the cool cave water.

You will pass through the city of Matanzas before visiting Rancho Gaviota, where you will be welcomed with a cocktail, visit the farm (go horseback riding?), and enjoy a traditional Cuban lunch.

At last, you will go on a thrilling speedboat ride on the Cánimar River before returning to Varadero in the afternoon!

4. Take A Top-Rated Cuban Cooking Class In Varadero!

Mv favorite Cuban dinner: Ropa Vieja, or pulled pork Cuban style: tasty meat with vegetables and rice on the side.
Traditional Cuban ropa vieja old clothes which is pulled pork Cuban style

In this top-rated Cuban cooking class, you will go to Matanzas town, where a Cuban family will lead this top-rated Cuban cooking workshop.

Your hosts will introduce you to traditional Cuban recipes you will prepare before you put theory into practice in the kitchen. After creating a number of mouth-watering dishes, you will, of course, get to taste them.

You will also learn to prepare three Cuban cocktails, including the famous mojito perfectly. Cool off in the swimming pool now and then if you like, with or without a Cuba Libre!

Scuba diving in Cuba

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Join this top-rated scuba diving tour to Playa Coral outside Varadero!

Check Availability Here

5. Varadero Sugar, Rum & Tobacco Tour

Cuban cigar farmer hand-rolling a cigar from dried tobacco leaves
Cuban cigars in the making in Vinales

This sugar, rum, and tobacco tour starts with a visit to a museum dedicated to sugar cane, and the history of the sugar industry in Cuba.

You get to taste the Guarapo, a sweet drink made from sugar cane, and learn how to prepare one of the famous Cuban cocktails.

Then you’ll go to Cardenas Town, where you can explore the charming city streets and admire its colonial architecture. After a lunch break, you will head into a tasting of local rum and tobacco and learn about their important role in Cuban culture!

Included in the tour are:

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Transport by minibus
  • A visit to a sugar factory and sugar cane plantation
  • Lunch
  • Cuban rum tasting and cigar testing
  • English speaking guide

6. Explore Matanzas & Bellamar Caves Tour

This Matanzas & Bellamar Caves Tour starts with you being picked up at your hotel in the morning and heading for Matanzas City.

You will explore Plaza de la Libertad, the neoclassical and baroque Cathedral of San Carlos Borromeo, and Plaza de la Vigia, where you will learn about the Corsair attacks of the past.

Then, you will visit a viewpoint of the Hermitage of Montserrate, which has an unbeatable panoramic view over the valley of Yumurí and the city of Matanzas. Explore the Bellamar Caves, which are more than 300,000 years old and have ancient stalactites and stalagmites.

Lastly, you will visit Manto de Colón, the Paso de la Lluvia, and the Huerto de las Zanahorias before you return to your hotel.

📍 EpicNomadLife Tip: Get yourself a water bottle with a filter before your Cuba holiday, and you can drink water from anywhere!

7. Visit La Cueva De Ambrosio

Cueva de Ambrosio outside Varadero

Among other things to do in Varadero, you can explore the Cueva de Ambrosio, a famous cave that is home to some of the oldest murals and wall paintings in Cuba.

Also, it is home to tons of bats hanging from the ceiling inside, so be aware!

This is not offered as an organized tour, so you need to get a taxi here, and you buy a ticket at the entrance.

You can visit the cave as part of a nature walk in the Varahicacos Natural Reserve (below). The cave is said to be around two million years old and was discovered in 1961.

Inside La Cueva de Ambrosio, there are around 47 pre-Columbian paintings, and the best-preserved are in what has been named the Claraboyas Room.

The indigenous people of Cuba left a testimony to parts of their lifestyle in this cave using drawings in black and red, traced by concentric circles.

The solar light filtering through the cracks of the cave ceiling sporadically illuminates the inside of the walls, making it an impressive sight. 

8. Take The Hop On Hop Off Varadero Sightseeing Bus

The red hop-on-hop-off bus in Varadero on a bright summer day, where you can sit on the convertible-like top floor.
The hop on hop off bus in Varadero

The hop-on-hop-off bus in Varadero makes for a panoramic sightseeing tour around Varadero. 

It is an open-top double-decker bus with 46 different stops linking all the all-inclusive hotels, downtown Varadero, shopping malls, markets, marinas, Varadero Golf Club with its adjacent golf course, as well as downtown Varadero.

Its itinerary runs throughout the day and the buses pass every half hour or so. The price is €5, the ticket lasts for the entire day, and you can hop on and off at any of the popular stops.

This is both a budget and convenient way to explore some of the most well-known tourist sites and decide what things to do in Varadero next.

9. Hike The Varahicacos Eco reserve

The large deep green hicacus cactus in Varadero with long yellow spikes!
Hicacos cactus

A hicaco is a characteristic plant of the Varadero area from which the Hicacos Peninsula got its name. It lives in the eco-reserve and is much appreciated because of the flavor of its white fruit and its use in traditional medicine. 

In the Varahicaco eco-reserve, you can also find a large cactus named “El Patriarca” which is more than 500 years old.

With hiking trails through the scrub forests, the main tourist attractions of the eco-reserve are the Patriarca, the Cueva de Ambrosio, or the Ambrosio Cave.

Nearby is the Saturno Cave, and the Cueva de Musulmanes, which is a cave with human remains dating back over 2,500 years.

This protected area on the tip of Varadero is the perfect place to see the local flora and fauna and learn about the area’s aboriginal history.

10. Marina Gaviota In Varadero

Marina Gaviota in Varadero on a bright sunny summer day where the white catamarans are docked side by side along the jetty.
The marina in Varadero

The Marina Gaviota is a large Cuban marina facility on the Hicacos Peninsula. It has a modern fleet of boats and excellent service, designed to meet the most demanding tastes!

The marina offers a variety of day trips and activities, which you can check out on its home page. It has become the main center for water activities and sports in Varadero.

The most popular adventures offered at the Marina Gaviota are catamaran excursions, fishing trips, diving trips, and live aboards. You will also find a seafood restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of gourmet dishes, including lobster.

11. Parque Central (And Parque De Los 8000 Taquillas)

The Parque Central Varadero is a city park next to the Varadero open-air market, where you can find a wide selection of handicrafts and souvenirs.

Here, you also find a monument to the Cuban national hero Jose Marti and the big “Monumento a Los Martires,” or Martyrs monument.

There is also a number of shops and stalls, as well as the Varadero edition of the famous and popular Coppelia ice cream parlor in Havana.

12. Guama and Hatiguanico River Trip

This full-day river tour’s first stop is the Peninsula Zapata National Park. On the way, you will notice the beautiful contrasts between the Cuban countryside and the coastline!

You will enjoy a thrilling visit to a crocodile farm before you continue to the coast, where you board a speedboat for a riveting rush of adrenaline.

The boat takes you across Laguna del Tesoro Lake and into the center of a spectacular natural wilderness encompassed by vegetation and water.

After the boat trip, you will explore Guamá and the Hatiguanico River, both places of tropical beauty, before a delish lunch of pork, chicken, or fish, drinks, and coffee.

13. Enjoy Varadero Scuba Diving Or Snorkeling

Diver swimming above the grassy sand bottom scuba diving outside Varadero Cuba
Scuba diving in Varadero

Varadero has some of the most beautiful beaches and clear blue waters in Cuba, as well as some beautiful coral reefs off the coast.

If you like to go scuba diving, Varadero is a great destination for exploring the underwater world.

Along with the coral reef dives, shipwrecks outside of Varadero make great scuba diving destinations when you visit. 

📍 EpicNomadLife Tip: Do you keep thinking you should have had a GoPro?

This might be the best time to get one for your snorkeling or scuba diving adventures in Cuba!

14. Visit House of Rum Varadero

Test a Cuban cigar and a glass of rum

One of the most popular things to do in Varadero, Cuba, is to visit La Casa del Ron or the House of Rum Varadero. It has become close to an institution in Matanzas province, where it has existed for almost 15 years.

The famous Cuban rum is made of fermented sugar cane, and the liquor brand has grown into a worldwide industry since Diego de Velázquez introduced it in the 16th century. 

Of course, your visit to the house of rum Varadero will include a tasting of many variations of rum, from the classic dark and light type to chocolate and vanilla-flavored types or other ones you probably have never tasted before!

15. Visit The Varadero Delfinario

Photo of me greeting one of the dolphins in the Varadero dolphinarium on a sunny day, which is situated in a natural mangrove.
On my visit to the Varadero Dolphinarium

Among Varadero’s main tourist attractions is the dolphinarium. My visit to the Varadero Delfinario was actually a lot more interesting and fun than I anticipated.

Located in a mangrove, it is a natural home to the dolphins in the dolphinarium, and as I am not an expert, I consulted someone who is to learn about a healthy environment for dolphins. Which a natural mangrove is.

I don’t know what I expected, but the location and the show were quite impressive in all aspects. I spent an afternoon there and had the honor of getting my first salty dolphin kiss!

Photo of four shiny grey dolphins swimming in a row while doing tricks at the dolphinarium in Varadero.
Clever dolphins in action

The show is held in connection to the feeding twice a day. You see how the trainers interact with the dolphins and their ability to learn things, which is good for their development.

You can also go swimming with the dolphins, so bring your swimsuit if you think that is something for you.

The price for entrance is €20, or €60 if you want to do the swimming as well. 

16. Lounge At The Tripadvisor Award-Winning Varadero Beach

A sunny day with medium waves with some white surf on the golden sands Varadero Beach in Cuba.
The award winning Varadero Beach

The Varadero beach is the name of the beach that runs along Varadero town, or downtown Varadero, practically ten meters from the main street.

You can literally take a swim in between shopping and the city lunch if you would like to.

Varadero Beach was voted the second most beautiful beach in the world in 2019 in TripAdvisor’s Travelers Choice, so you don’t need a private resort beach to find white sand perfection here.

Heading here for sunset is one of the most romantic things to do in Varadero (if you travel with the love of your life).

17. Visit Iglesia Santa Elvira

The Iglesia Santa Elvira, built in 1938, is said to be the oldest church in the area. It is very small and peaceful, and it is open for everyone to visit during the day. 

It is well known for its distinctive structure on the inside, consisting of stone walls and wooden details. 

A horseshoe arch upfront serves as a bell tower with a cross at the top. The details and layout give it a special character, making it a must-see for those interested in history or architecture. 

18. Stop By The Galeria Espacio 34

The Galeria Espacio 34 is a mixture of a museum and an art gallery that focuses on unique Cuban designs in art through photographs, paintings, and sculptures in particular. 

Previously, this gallery was part of the multi-art center “Casa del la Cultura Los Corales”.

The center is now divided into two parts: a dance academy called ABC Academia Baile en Cuba, and the art gallery Espacio 34. 

19. Artecru Art Center In Varadero

Artecru (the acronym of Contemporary Rural and Urban Art in Spanish) is a name and symbol of a place that represents a group of artists on the Cuban art scene.

United by friendship and work, its intention was to become visible through this platform by creating unique pieces of art. This group works in many styles, conducts expositions, creates decorations, and works by charge.

Each artist here has their own style of work, and the artists will show you their visions and help you choose a special piece for you if you decide not to leave empty-handed! 

Yes, There Are Day Trips From Varadero!

The light golden sandy beach on a bright sunny day outside Playa Alameda resort beach in Varadero.
The beach outside Playa Alameda resort

There are plenty of day trips from Varadero available.

Visit the nearby capital city of Havana, Trinidad, and Cienfuegos. Explore the beaches and coves along the coast, or take a nature hike through one of the area’s lush national parks.

Day Tours From Varadero To Havana!

Plaza Vieja, the old square in Old Havana around sunset, the square is full of people exploring surrounded by beautiful light colonial beige stone buildings with thousands of elegant details and ornaments.
Plaza Vieja in Old Havana

Yes, there are tours from Varadero to Havana. No visit to Cuba is complete without spending at least one day in its vibrant capital city.

Stroll the streets of Old Havana, marvel at the colonial-era architecture, taste the famous cocktails, have a classic car tour, and find a rooftop terrace to take in the spectacular view of the city.

There’s also plenty of nightlife to enjoy in Havana, with live music and dancing in the many bars and clubs.

You can book an organized day tour from Varadero to Havana, or book a ticket with the Viazul bus and stay in Havana for a night or two!

Day Trip Trinidad, El Nicho & Cienfuegos

A ccharming cafe in Trinidad Cuba, with red tile stairs to the elaborately decorated entrance area, with maroon bricks, photos, and artsy details side by side with green plants.
Charming cafe in Trinidad

Even if most of your Cuba holiday plan is to stay close to the beach and pools in your all-inclusive resort in Varadero, I might still want to explore some of the best adventures in the region.

For this tour, you’ll start by making your way up to El Nicho, a protected area with a stunning waterfall from the River Habanill in the Topes de Collantes Natural Park.

You can swim in crystal clear pools while parrots are perched in palm trees, and you can also have a traditional Cuban lunch here.

The Cuban version of the white Arch de Triomphe in Cienfuegos, a Cuban city that was founded by French settlers.
The Cuban Arch de Triomphe in Cienfuegos

Then, you are off to the historic colonial city of Trinidad, protected by UNESCO, where you can explore the city’s ancient streets and museums.

Lastly, you will visit Cienfuegos, a beautiful coastal city with lots of French influences, where you do the panoramic tour of Punta Gorda, which is an outing spot for the locals.

Also, see the Hotel Jagua, the imposing Palacio del Valle, and José Martí Park.

Experience Vinales Valley

The lush green Vinales Valley with fields, trees, and flowers, stretching wide on a bright sunny summer day
Vinales Valley west of Havana

Even from Varadero, you can manage to visit Vinales Valley west of Havana, a lush green UNESCO-protected part of Cuba that is also home to the famous Cuban cigars!

This day of the tour is really long, as there is quite a bit of transport time involved. I have only done the Vinales day trip from Havana, which is a great experience, so I can not review this particular tour.

You get to experience the Mural de la Prehistoria, visit a tobacco farm, sample cigars, and rum, and get a demonstration of how it is done!

Golden brown Cuban tobacco leaves hanging to dry from the ceiling in a barn in Vinales
Cuban tobacco hanging to dry

Lunch in Vinales Town is on your own, and you will also visit the botanical garden and viewpoint of Los Jazmines before you return to Varadero.

What this tour does not have is a visit to Cueva del Indio and its hidden waterways, which is also stunning. But for a day trip of this magnitude, you still get a lot.

Varadero Town On Hicacos Peninsula

If you stay in Varadero town, you can easily explore the center and heart of the city on foot, where you can still see horse-drawn carriages.

In the city center, you find the Varadero street market, where they sell “anything”, mostly handmade handicrafts and cigars, knitted clothes, and you name it. 

When looking for activities, adventures, and other things to do in Varadero, here is what you have to look forward to!

Where To Stay In Varadero

Poolside sun loungers in small white huts with shade from the sun in front of the blue pool at a Varadero resort on a sunny summer day with clear blue skies.
Poolside at the Paradisus Resort

Varadero town has a lot of Casa Particulares for rent that is well within the budget accommodation price range, as well as all the all-inclusive, high-end resort options lying like beads on a chain along the peninsula.

Casa Particulares In Varadero

This is perfect if you want to have a local experience and learn a little about the Cuban way of life. 

When looking for authentic places to stay in Varadero, Cuba, you can book beforehand online on sites like Airbnb, Expedia, or Hostelworld, which are all very popular in Cuba.

If you like to be flexible and adventurous, you can also find a place when you get there without any problems.

Although I am very fond of the Casa Particulares in Cuba, I do not hesitate to recommend a couple of nights in lush luxury here if it does not topple your budget.

Resorts In Varadero Cuba

A large blue pool in a Varadero resort with a charming pool bar with straw roofs amidst holidaymakers enjoying the warm sunny summer day
A charming pool bar

Two great options are the Iberostar Selection Varadero and the Iberostar Selection Bella Vista. Both hotels are on the beachfront and have amazing pool areas and amenities!

The all-inclusive resort life in Varadero really is like meditating for a few days; everything is just done for you, with no need to lift a finger.

You come out on the other end involuntarily smiling with no trace of blue circles anywhere. All-inclusive can be an incredible recharge.

Stunning Beaches In Varadero And Around

Varadero Beach, crispy warm white sands and crystal clear calm waters that looks unrealistically light blue against the deep blue sky in a distance.
A part of Varadero Beach

Cuba’s coastline is dotted with beautiful beaches, many of which are within easy reach of Varadero.

Mind you, when you are in Varadero, you are right there at the Varadero beach, the public beach of Varadero that was voted the second most beautiful beach in the WORLD by TripAdvisor in 2019.

Relax on the sand, swim in the turquoise warm waters, or try your hand at some of the popular water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing. Or take a boat trip to one of the nearby islands.

If you opt for a tour of Trinidad on the southern shores, you can also visit renowned Playa Ancon after exploring the colonial streets in this UNESCO World Heritage Site-protected town!

Nature Parks Around Varadero

Two tall narrow waterfalls amidst green forest and bushes in Topes de Collantes National Park in Cuba
Topes de Collantes park waterfalls

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, head to the naturaleza in one of Cuba’s national parks.

The Topes de Collantes Nature Reserve is a particular highlight, offering hiking trails through lush vegetation and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

You might even spot some of the local wildlife, such as the Cuban trogon bird or the endangered Cuban solenodon (a small, furry mammal endemic to mountainous forests in Cuba)!

Restaurants In Varadero Cuba

Photo from a relaxed roadside cafe and restaurant in Varadero on a warm summer day, with people seated enjoying the warm friendly atmoshpere.
Relaxed restaurant in Varadero

When it comes to restaurants in Varadero, there is certainly no shortage of options. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a more leisurely dining experience.

One of the most popular restaurants in Varadero is El Paladar, which offers traditional Cuban cuisine, with a casual atmosphere, making it perfect for a quick lunch or dinner.

If you’re looking for something a bit more upscale, La Casa del Chef serves creative fusion cuisine from a beautiful setting overlooking the beach. This is an ideal spot for a romantic dinner.

La Gruta restaurant in the beautiful Josene Park, a Varadero ecological park, serves a divine lobster dinner, deliciously draped in garlic sauce and served with rice and a salad.

A close up photo of a grilled lobster dinner in one of the best restaurants in Varadero.
Delicious lobster meal in Varadero

The lobster dinner costs $20 a plate, and a variety of wines are also reasonably priced. The atmosphere is unique, situated in a cave, which keeps you fresh and comfortable on a hot summer Varadero evening!

You also have the amazing Salsa Suárez Restaurant Bar, Restaurante Bar Atlantida, and high-flying Waco’s Club on an airy rooftop.

Lastly, there is the Varadero 60, where the staff is welcoming, the decor is quirky, and there is fantastic decor and ambiance. All of these places received standing ovations on TripAdvisor after the pandemic!

These are family-run paladares, privately owned restaurants, and the prices are reasonable. Be sure to try some of the traditional Cuban specialties like ropa vieja (shredded beef) or lechon asado (roasted pork)!

What To Do In Varadero At Night

Get a freshly made pina colada served in a pineapple in Varadero
Freshly made cocktails all around

There’s plenty to do in Varadero at night, from enjoying the local food and drink scene to dancing the night away. For a taste of the local flavor, check out Casa del Ron, as it is also a great spot for sampling some of Cuba’s famous rum!

La Bodeguita del Medio is a must-visit for any fan of mojitos, and if you need something to eat into the night, El Rincon Criollo serves delicious traditional Cuban cuisine.

If you’re in the mood to dance, Club Tropicana is one of the most popular nightspots, where you can dance to salsa, reggaeton, and more. You can also head to Casa de la Musica to listen to some live music and soak up the atmosphere.

There’s also Mango’s Disco, which has a mix of international and Cuban music, and Jazzy Bar, which features live jazz music.

Cafe del Teatro is a great place to people-watch or enjoy a cup of coffee, while El Patio de Jose Maria is perfect for enjoying a few drinks with friends.

FAQ’s About Varadero

Please follow along a bit longer for my best answers to frequently asked questions about Varadero Cuba in this next section.

Is Varadero Worth Visiting?

Well, yes, Varadero is worth visiting for anyone who loves the beaches, pools, chill Caribbean vibe, and the possibility to step outside the resort town life to go on Cuban excursions or adventures.

The Cuban Keys are more remote, and it is more difficult to embark on activities elsewhere in Cuba.

What And Where Is Varadero Cuba?

Varadero town is a pretty and a bit sleepy beach town on a long and narrow peninsula in Varadero municipality, Matanzas Province, Cuba.

It is the largest resort area in the Caribbean, about two and a half to three hours driving from Havana (a bit more by bus), and also a whole different world away.

You will find a variety of high-end, all-inclusive resorts in Varadero. However, you can also book a more simple stay in a casa particular in Varadero Town, and stay with a Cuban family.

A stall selling old colorful car plates with Cuba insignia in Varadero
Varadero market

The Varadero city center is clean and tidy, colorful and well-kept, and the houses lie like little colored pearls along the main street, which follows the beach line of the famous Varadero beach. 

There are also lots of little bars and restaurants in the city center you might want to try out.

How To Travel To Varadero?

While researching what to see in Varadero, you also need to find out how to get there. Several international airlines fly regularly to Varadero, not just to Havana or Santiago.

Research the best flight option from your nearest airport below with Skyscanner or eDreams, who will find you the best flight deals for your holiday.

Remember that if you are an American citizen, or you fly from, or via, a US airport, you need the PINK Cuban tourist card to enter Cuba!

Check Flights To Varadero Here!

How To Travel From From Havana To Varadero?

The viazul bus to Varadero from Havana is comfortable and a great budget option for travel in Cuba

The Viazul bus station is also in the capital city center, so if you travel from Havana to Varadero (or the other way), it is super easy to both arrive and depart by bus. 

When arriving in Varadero, the Viazul bus station is also close to the city center, and you need a taxi to head to your resort.

You have these options for traveling from Havana to Varadero:

  • The Viazul bus
  • Taxi colectivo; a shared taxi service
  • Private taxi
  • Private transfer booked online from the airport or Havana center
  • Rental car

Things To Do In The Rest of Cuba!

There are a lot of fun destinations across Cuba outside of the Varadero resort zone.

I have traveled in Cuba for 4 years, and here is my best collection of great things to do across the island, organized by destination.

Wrap-Up Things To Do In Varadero Cuba!

As you see, even more than a cocktail throw away from your all-inclusive world, there is a myriad of other things to do in Varadero, Cuba.

You can also stay in a casa particular in Varadero (or any other Cuban destination), to get a close and personal feel for the Cuban culture and experience.

Whether you enjoy adventure, the beach, scuba diving, nature, music, blue pools, or history, Varadero has you covered.

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