Best things to do in Trinidad Cuba by an expert.

19+ Unique Things To Do In Trinidad Cuba From An Expert (2024)

There are so many things you can do in Trinidad and Cuba.

As I have traveled regularly to Cuba for five years, I try to visit once a year, and I still just love walking the narrow colonial streets and visiting the charming Plaza Mayor.

One of the most beautiful colonial cities in Cuba, Trinidad was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988 and is also one of the most popular travel destinations in Cuba. No wonder!

Whether you prefer a leisurely day strolling through the old historic city streets (please do that), lounging at the beach, or setting out on a frisky hike, Trinidad has something for everyone. 

Affiliate disclosure: I only recommend tours, services and purchases I know and love on this website.

đź“Ť Are you in a hurry? Here are the three best-rated tours in Trinidad, Cuba!

Vlog From Trinidad!

Cuba Trinidad Map

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Captivating Tours In Trinidad Cuba

If it is your first time traveling in Cuba, or to Trinidad in particular, you might consider joining an organized tour or two to make the most of your time in this historic city.

The cool thing about tours in Trinidad is that quite a few of them are FREE.

1. Join A FREE Walking Tour Of Old Trinidad

Cobblestoned streets and colorful colonial houses in Trinidad Old City in Cuba
Trinidad Old City

You will begin your guided walk through Trinidad’s past at Plazuela de JigĂĽe, where you will hear about the city’s captivating origin. As you wander around Trinidad Old City, listen to fascinating stories and legends of this place. 

Join the free walking tour and explore Desengaño Street and some of its oldest communities—an ideal way to get a genuine glimpse into life in Trinidad!

“Thank you so much, Alex!”

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“My husband and I had an incredible time with Alex, our tour guide. It was a very insightful 2 hours, and an eye-opener as well!”

Journeying through the quaint and seldom-seen areas of La Popa, Loma de Los Chivos, La Chanzoneta, and Mano del Negro with the local guide.

You can immerse yourself in an authentic Cuban experience that is not found in any guidebooks. As you explore these offbeat neighborhoods within the city limits known for their vibrant history.

You will also discover renowned remnants of the past, such as the old Santa Ana Church, which only retains its doorway today.

2. Best rated: Horseback Riding In The Parque El Cubano Natural Park

A brown horse with a saddle resting under a tree during a horseback riding tour in Trinidad Cuba
Go horseback riding in the naturaleza outside Trinidad

Right at 9 am, you’ll be picked up from your casa in Trinidad and hop aboard the bus to meet your horse for the day.

You will get all the necessary equipment and instructions (so don’t worry) before you head off on horseback toward Parque El Cubano.

As you and your horse enter this stunning natural park of Cuba, get ready to discover some of its most beautiful plants and wildlife species.

Horseback riding outside Trinidad Cuba, a woman on a horse holding on to her helmet, waiting to get going, lots of green bushes along the path

Like the Cuban emerald hummingbird or even the national bird -the Cuban trogon- that inhabits these areas.

Midway or so, you will pause at a breathtaking waterfall for an hour and a half of blissful rejuvenation in the natural pool beneath its cascading waters before we continue to a nearby eatery for lunch.

Finally, it’s time to bid farewell to your horse as you return to Trinidad.

3. Explore Topes De Collantes National Park

A beautiful waterfall in the middle of the forest with greenery on all sides in Topes de Collantes National Park in Cuba
Topes de Collantes National Park

For this amazing top-rated tour to Topes de Collantes natural park, a 4×4 vehicle will collect you at 9 am from your casa in Trinidad.

You will first be taken to a beautiful lookout point, El Mirador, 1600 feet above sea level, with breathtaking views of Valle de Los Ingenios, Trinidad, and the Caribbean Sea. 

After learning about its history, you’ll head off toward one of Cuba’s most expansive preserved reserves – Topes de Collantes!

Here you will have an opportunity to get an impression of everyday life for those living within the community that exists here, an unforgettable experience!

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Topes de Collantes is a paradise in the middle of the jungle; bathing in the immense waterfall is an incredible experience, and knowing the coffee zone of the area has enchanted us!”
Madrid, Spain

You will visit a coffee plantation where three varieties of coffee beans are grown: arabica, robusta, and Liberian. Afterward, head over to Vegas Grande for a frisky hiking route that will get you close to the local wildlife and plants of this region. 

After trekking through splendorous nature trails, you can cool off at a gorgeous freshwater waterfall in a quaint restaurant before you dig into traditional Cuban dishes.

Finally, you set off to your casa after a long day.

4. Take A Classic Car To Playa Ancon

The golden sands of Playa Ancon outside Trinidad Cuba on a bright sunny summer day, people walking along the water on the beach
Playa Ancon Trinidad

Experience the sensation of stepping into a vintage Hollywood movie as you are chauffeured to Playa Ancon Beach in style in an iconic classic American car.

You’ll be picked up at your casa between eight and nine in the morning (return around 5 pm), for the around 15-minute drive out from Trinidad to the famous Playa Ancon. 

Then, lower your shoulders and chill on the beach for up to eight hours of sand and tropical waves. Did you know that this region is also home to captivating shipwrecks and an abundance of vibrant coral reefs?

You might want to spend the day in proximity to one of the beach restaurants (there are not a lot of them). Check out the Grill Caribe, Restaurant Poseidon, Paladar Conde Becker, or Ranchon Ancon. 

You can also easily hail a taxi in Trinidad, negotiate a price (around €10 one way), and head out to Playa Ancon cheaper but in less style!

On the Ancon Peninsula, there are several large hotels where you can stay, or you can book a casa particular out here if you prefer to stay outside Trinidad town. 

5. FREE Tour To La Vigia Hill At Sunset

Infinite views from La Vigia hill outside Trinidad, where you see the vast green plains towards the sea, and the horizon of the ocean in the vast distance
Views from La Vigia Hill

You will start this walking tour on the main square of Trinidad next to the statue of Terpsichore outside the Heritage Grand Hotel Trinidad.

From here, you will stroll past several important historic sites in the city before you embark on climbing the hill. 

Walk through Carillo Square and other historic locations in the center before the uphill journey to the top of La VigĂ­a Hill. On top of that, your efforts will be rewarded with picturesque views of the sun setting over beautiful Trinidad!

6. FREE Pub Crawl Of Trinidad

The entrances to a bar in Trinidad Old City, with a few stairs up to the entrance that is lit by green lights
A bar in Trinidad Old City

Even though Trinidad isn’t Havana, there’s still exciting nightlife to explore! Your free bar crawling evening begins at the Royal Prison with a visit to the Santa Ana factory. 

In this renowned brewery, you will get to see the entire production process, which is sure to be fascinating.

After that, you continue crawling on to Las Ruinas de Segarte and Casa de la Trova (troubadour house), two central bars in Trinidad that both have interesting histories worth discovering!

Then you visit the vibrant Palenque de Los Congos Reales for the best Afro-Cuban music before you move on to Casa de la MĂşsica (there is one in every Cuban town) to shake loose a little!

Your last stop for the night is La Canchánchara, which is super famous for its traditional cocktails, which you can sample as well!

7. Walking Tour Of Santa Rosa Valley

##This tour is unfortunately temporarily out of service!

Begin your journey outside the guide’s home, where you can relish the mesmerizing views of Santa Rosa Valley from his terrace.

Next, set out on a hike to La Pastora and encounter ancient gate towers at Quinta de Santa Rosa. Continue along the railway line to an old tile & brick factory situated among farmer residences with vast crops stretching as far as your eyes can see!

On this journey, you will explore some of the cattle-rearing farms and enjoy a revitalizing swim in one farmer’s pond. 

As you make your way back to Trinidad, take in the breathtaking scenery of the Táyaba River before heading up La Pastora and Dos Cañones hills for an unparalleled view. At its end awaits the grand entrance into colonial Trinidad – making it a tour you won’t soon forget!

Other Must-Visit Attractions In Trinidad Cuba!

If tours are not for you, you might still have a few ideas for exploration on your own from the tour information above.

But there are lots more things to do in Trinidad and many of them you can easily explore on your own.

8. Stroll Around The Plaza Mayor

The beautiful park next to Plaza Mayor in Trinidad, with terracotta tiles, palm trees, sculptures, and people enjoying the sunny summer day under the blue sky
The park next to the Plaza Mayor

You obviously need to walk by the Plaza Mayor in Trinidad, the heart of the city and an incredibly charming spot of historical importance. The charming and quaint Plaza Mayor has sloping terrain, garden beds divided by paths, and white wrought-iron fences.

Cobbled roads encircle the area, and decorative features, including lamp posts made from ironwork along with statues of English greyhounds, adorn the plaza. 

The buildings around Plaza Mayor date from the 18th and 19th centuries when trade in sugar from the Valley of the Sugar Mills (Valle de Los Ingenios) and the slave trade brought great wealth to the whole area. 

Many buildings surrounding the plaza used to belong to the rich landowners in the city. To add to this picturesque setting are columns adorned with terra-cotta finials, which give the area a particular ambiance.

9. Sample The Cuban Food

A close up photo of Ropa Vieja, pulled pork Cuban style, with pork vegetables and rice on a white plate
Ropa Vieja my favorite Cuban dish

Typical Cuban food ranges from bistec to seafood to the famous ropa vieja, pulled pork Cuban style – or just something simple like the Cuban Mixed Sandwich. 

One of Cuba’s best dishes, Ropa Vieja, is a flavorful stew made from shredded beef, tomato sauce, onions, and peppers.

A cup of cold beer adds the perfect accompaniment to this hearty meal when served with yellow rice!

10. Visit La Boca Village and Playa

Ideal for water sports and scuba diving, La Boca Beach by the La Boca village offers a chill beach day on dark sand and rocky beaches. 

This beach is aptly named “the mouth” because it is where the river meets the Caribbean Sea in the little village of La Boca. Here, you also find several casa particulares and restaurants, like El Ojo del Toro and Ocean Terrace. 

This area tends to be crowded during the summer months, but for the rest of the year, you’ll find ultimate relaxation here!

11. Stop By The Holy Trinity Church In Trinidad 

Located near the Plaza Mayor and the Casa de la Musica lies The Holy Trinity Church.

This building was built between 1817 and 1892, taking over an earlier church established in the 17th century. When you step inside, you’ll be surrounded by a stunning combination of Victorian and Gothic architecture with a grand altar that is gracefully adorned. 

At 11 a.m., the doors open for a few hours, revealing beautiful wooden carvings at the altar and two unique pulpit structures that you won’t find anywhere else.

The grand structure stands tall in its majestic square and will leave visitors with plenty of lasting impressions. 

12. Take A Boat Tour To Cayo Iguana

Just 15 nautical miles from the Ancon Peninsula lies Las Iguanas Key (Cayo Macho de Afuera), an oasis nestled in the brilliant blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. 

A leisurely walk reveals a vibrant blend of wildlife, iguanas, and jutias sprinting through lush foliage, as well as hidden coves with tranquil spaces to take a dip.

Come explore this small paradise for yourself. Enjoy the stunning scenery of a voyage on an opulent catamaran, or explore vibrant and untouched coral reefs with amazing marine life.

To complete this heavenly journey, indulge in delicious marina rice and lobster dishes that will tantalize your taste buds!

TravelnetCuba has excursions to Cayo Iguana. 

13. Have The Signature Drink At La Canchanchara

La Canchánchara, nestled in one of Trinidad’s oldest houses, is a tourist go-to and must be visited. 

Named after its signature cocktail, a sweet concoction comprised of honey or molasses, lime juice, and fortified sugarcane eau-de-vie (or rum) served with whimsical straws made from real straw – the atmosphere here is truly special. 

As Cuban music plays all day long in the cozy patio area surrounding this much-loved spot, it may just feel like you’ve stumbled upon your own hidden gem!

14. Enjoy Casa De La Musica Live Music

Outdoor seating in Casa de la Musica in Trinidad, lots of tables with people seated, enjoying the live music on the stage playing Cuban music
Casa de la Musica in Trinidad

If you’re looking for a truly unique Cuban experience, take a few steps from Plaza Mayor to La Casa de la MĂşsica, where vibrant salsa music comes alive each night. 

Test your rhythm bones to the beats on top of the grand staircase; locals and tourists alike flock there in the evenings.

You can sit on the stairs and enjoy the ambiance or join the dancers already ruling the floor!

15. Have Dinner At Los Conspiradores

Outdoor seating at Los Conspiradores in Trinidad, a yard with charming white tables surrounded by purple and white flowers and greenery, people seated enjoying the food and ambiance at night.
The beautiful outdoor seating at Los Conspiradores

Just on the side of the wide cobbled stone stairs up to Casa de la Musica in Trinidad, partly hidden by a huge tree bustling with flowers, you find Los Conspiradores!

I had dinner here in December, and it was amazing in all aspects. The service was great, the pasta was al dente, the wine superb, and the ambiance unsurpassed!

Make sure you get a table on the second floor (although the courtyard is stunning, too), where you have a view of Plaza Mayor – and the live music from Casas de la Musica

16. Visit The National Museum And The Bell Tower

Me in an open archway on the top of the bell tower in Trinidad, where there is a vast view of Trinidad city, with old colonial houses, streets, and terracotta roofs in the sunlight
The view from the top of the bell tower

Overlooking the Plaza Mayor is the iconic yellow bell tower of Museo Nacional de la Lucha Contra Bandidos, a former convent of San Francisco de AsĂ­s. 

Since 1986, it has been transformed into an exhibition filled with photographs, maps, and items that tell stories about resisting counterrevolutionary forces. The breathtaking view from its bell tower is simply not to be missed!

Take a walk downstairs to visit the museum, which exhibits photographs, newspapers, maps, weapons, and other artifacts recounting the fight against counterrevolutionary bands.

A souvenir shop is also conveniently located nearby, so you can pick up some memorabilia.

17. Stop By Museo Municipal At Palacio Cantero

The inner courtyard at Palace de Cantero in Trinidad, with terracotta tiles, yellow building structures with archways protecting the shaded walkways, decorated with plants under the blue sky
Palace of Cantero in Trinidad

Initially, the Municipal Museum – also known as Cantero Palace – belonged to the Borrell family from 1827-1830 until it was bought by a German doctor named Justo Kanter or Dr. Justo Cantero.

Legends say that he acquired a vast sugar plantation after poisoning a slave trader and marrying his widow soon after. If you’re looking for a history lesson about Trinidad, this is the right place.

Displaying exhibitions since 1980, this museum tells stories of struggle and wealth through various documents, artworks, and artifacts, from the age of slavery to the fight for independence in recent years.

The gallery gives insights into the sugar industry’s prosperity and the struggles people faced during trying times. The wealth of Kanter’s legacy is blatantly displayed in the four Neoclassic-style rooms.

Together, they illustrate the city’s history: of the community, of battles, and of the sugar trade. 

18. Explore Sierra Del Escambray

Hazy green infinite views of the Sierra Maestra mountains outside Santiago de Cuba under a cloudy sky with sunlight sifting through
Hazy view of Sierra Maestra mountains

The majestic Sierra de Escambray—or Macizo de Guamuhaya—rises from the provinces of Sancti SpĂ­ritus, Cienfuegos, and Villa Clara. 

This mountain range is a natural reserve for Cuba’s fauna. It boasts lush valleys filled with rivers and magnificent waterfalls, as well as tropical forests to explore through its winding trails.

Pico San Juan, otherwise known as La Cuca, is around 1100 meters tall, and when you make it to the top here, you get a majestic view of the historic Trinidad.

Among the Sierra de Escambray, you cannot miss El Nicho. In this enchanting freshwater paradise, you can dip in waterfalls and natural pools with clear blue waters amidst lush vegetation!

19. Visit Valley Of The Sugar Mills. 

The wihte tall Iznaga tower in Valle de los Ingenios, the valley of the Sugar Mills outside Trinidad with a red colored top.
The Iznaga tower

Valle de Los Ingenios, or Valley of the Sugar Mills, is one of the most important and prosperous areas in Cuba at the height of the Sugar Era. 

In 1988, UNESCO promptly designated the Valley a Heritage of Humanity. Within its confines lay 77 archaeological sites that led to the emergence and evolution of the Cuban sugar industry in the Spanish colonization period. 

Eleven farmsteads can be found here; some are restorations, while others have been reduced to ruin over the years.

There are three surviving sugar mills with machinery and tools in place at this old factory, along with remnants of one slave settlement in these rustic townships. 

You can also see an old warehouse and two bell towers in this incredible historical collection from centuries ago.

20. Go Fishing At Zaza Lake 

Lake Zaza is the largest man-made reservoir in Cuba and also the host of periodic trout fishing tournaments. 

It is developed on the course of the Zaza River, which flows from Sierra del Escambray to the Tunas Channel in the Caribbean Sea. It is Cuba’s second-longest river after Rio Cauto.

Zaza Lake is famous for excellent trout fishing and programs that promote the practice of this sport. One of the largest freshwater fish in the world, arapaima gigas, was introduced to these waters in 1980!

Old fashioned sugar extraction equipment outside Trinidad, a man holding a wooden bowl.
Sugar extraction equipment

Trinidad Cuba Ultimate Travelers Guide

If you want to know more general information about Trinidad, you can read everything about the colonial city here.

Read on to get answers to a lot of practical information about Trinidad and also answers to a variety of frequently asked questions from travelers planning a Trinidad Cuba holiday.

What Is Special About Trinidad Cuba?

Inside an art gallery in Trinidad, where there are art displayed on the walls, but the entire house with elaborate tall ceilings, paintings on hte walls and decorated floors is also like a piece of art.
An art gallery where the building is equally a piece of art

Trinidad is a “screenshot” of a Cuban town from the colonial era, as it stayed completely the same for centuries until it fell off the modernization wagon when the sugar industry plummeted in Cuba.

Make sure to check out the old city’s cobblestone streets lined with colorful colonial architecture, as well as Plaza Mayor, Trinidad’s main square, surrounded by quaint cafes and shops.

History buffs should also make sure to explore the Museo Romantico, which showcases artifacts from 19th-century Cuba.

Valle de Los Ingenios is a popular destination, offering visitors the chance to explore the remains of abandoned sugar plantations.

Just outside of town, you’ll find Topes de Collantes National Park, a stunning nature reserve with hiking trails, waterfalls, and rivers.

If you want to stay a few days, check out the toprated casa particulares in Trinidad here.

FAQ Trinidad!

How Far Is Trinidad From Havana?

Overview photo of Parque Central in Havana, filled with big trees an surrounded by large eleganti colonial buildings like the Grand Theater, the Capitolio, and the Museum of Fine Arts on a sunny day.
Parque Central in Havana

Trinidad is situated on the southern coast of Cuba, around 195 miles southeast of Havana.

The drive from Havana by taxi takes around four hours, and the Viazul bus takes around 7 hours ($21, book online).

How About Getting to Trinidad?

Traveling with the Viazul bus, with comfortable blue seats with white head rests, and blue curtains protecting us from the fierce sun outside.
Traveling with the Viazul bus

You can take a bus from the Viazul bus terminal in Havana for $21 (online booking, price in dollars).

The bus station is located at the corner of Avenida de La Independencia and Calle 19 de Mayo, close to the Plaza de la Revolucion.

If you are not flying into Havana or Varadero, Abel SantamarĂ­a Airport (SNU/MUSC) is the closest and most convenient international airport to Trinidad.

Located in Santa Clara, around  60 miles away from the heart of Trinidad, this airport has an array of domestic and international flights. 

A taxi collectivo from Havana to Trinidad, which is a taxi you share with other people, would be around 35-45 per person.

You can get help at your casa or hotel to book a taxi collectivo.

A taxi privado just for you from Havana to Trinidad will probably be around €150-200.  

Also read: 14+ Amazing Things To Do In Vinales Valley Cuba!

How Long Time Do You Need In Trinidad Cuba?

Stands in a cobblestoned market street in Trinidad, with artifacts for sale
Market street in Trinidad

If you are a “fast traveler,” you can see the highlights of Trinidad, Cuba, on a day trip.

However, to get to know the city a bit better, I recommend you set aside at least two days for this unique Cuban colonial gem. 

If you are anything like me and prefer slow travel, you can easily explore Trinidad and the surrounding areas for three to four days. 

Then, you will have time to lounge on the beach, explore the city’s museums, walk the Vigia Hill, and enjoy the view.

Where Should You Stay In Trinidad? 

My outdoor breakfast table in the backyard in Trinidad with green table cloths, yellow painted walls, a red stairwell to the terrace, and white double doors to the inside with decorations.
My breakfast table at a casa particular in Trinidad

There are a few nice hotels in Trinidad if you prefer to spend your nights in the high-end of the specter. 

The Iberostar Grand Hotel is located in the historic center of Trinidad and gets an average review of 4,5 on TripAdvisor.

This hotel is close to most things and around a 7-8 minute walk from Plaza Mayor.

The airy elegant foyer in the Iberostar Hotel in Trinidad, with white marble floors, lots of green plants, an open ceiling where you see the walkways around the second and third floor, and light coming down from above
The foyer at the Iberostar Hotel

Iberostar Grand has an ambiance of somewhat old-fashioned elegance and offers various amenities such as luxurious suites, gourmet cuisine, and modern services like wifi (but not for free).

There is also a myriad of casa particulares for rent in Trinidad that you can book online before you get there, or just walk the streets and find one!

Trinidad Cuba Packing List

For Trinidad, you should pack similarly to how you pack for any Cuban destination, with emphasis on the fact that it is a Caribbean island, super hot in the summer and pleasantly warm in the winter months.  

The particular thing to be aware of when packing for Cuba is that items that are hard to buy in Cuba are normal over-the-counter pharmacy products and sanitary products.

You should bring all cosmetics, toiletries, and medicine you normally or sometimes use for your holiday in Cuba. If you are unsure of what to pack, you can read all about packing for Cuba here

How Much Does It Cost To Travel In Cuba?

A green metallic classic american car parked on a cobblestoned street in Trinidad, next to colonial houses painted in light yellow and red, with green wooden window shields
Classic American car in Trinidad

If you travel by bus where possible, traveling in Cuba is quite cheap. The second cheapest travel option is a taxi collectivo, which any casa host or hotel can help you book. 

Or you can go all-in on the extravagant side and book a private taxi to take you around, which is quite pricey for long-haul trips if you are alone. 

Within city limits, if you want to try to make sense of the local “guagua”, city buses, that is super cheap!

They cost between 1-5 CUP one way, but be aware there are long and painful queues, and the itineraries are unpredictable at best. 

Are There Beaches In Trinidad Cuba?

Trinidad Cuba attractions also include some of the most stunning beaches in all of Cuba. 

Among the best beaches near Trinidad, Cuba, is Playa Ancon, with some of the best swimming and snorkeling spots nearby, while MarĂ­a Aguilar is perfect for a day of sunbathing.

The golden warm sands on Playa Ancon outside Trinidad, people relaxing under the parasols and the sea below the beach
Playa Ancon

How To Get A Visa For Cuba?

A tourist visa for Cuba is also often called a Cuban tourist card. Getting a visa for Cuba is a formality; you do not have to apply for a Cuban travel card; you simply buy one. 

You can easily do this from the Cuban embassy in your country, from a travel agent, or from an online provider like Easy Tourist Card (that I use).

You can read all about how to get a Cuban tourist card here.

Some airlines also sell or provide a Cuban travel card; check with your chosen airline if that applies to you.

How To Get Online In Trinidad?

A light blue building that is home to the Etecsa telephone store in Cuba, with a line of people waiting to get in.
Etecsa store in Cuba

As in the rest of Cuba, there are public wifi zones where you can connect to the state internet provider in parks and some hotels.

There are also increasing numbers of casa particulares that offer Wi-Fi to their guests, although often for a fee. Check with your casa particular or hotel to see if they have Wi-Fi on the premises.

You can buy an Etecsa scratch card in the Etecsas store in Trinidad, connect to wifi, and log in using the username and password on the card. 

You can also buy a sim card (often referred to as a tourist sim card) in the Etecsa shop, which will allow you to connect to the 4G net of Cuba (which is scarce and slow but present in city centers).

Is Trinidad Cuba Safe?

A charming cafe in Trinidad with terracotta tiled floors, two steps to get to the entrance area, a board with the menu, and lots of details like colurful urnes, plants, decorative brick walls, photos, and more.
Cafe in Trinidad

If you wonder whether Trinidad is safe, let me reassure you that the whole of Cuba is a very safe destination for tourists – and this includes Trinidad.

This is partly because punishments for crimes against tourists in Cuba are very strict, even for petty crimes. 

Still, be normally vigilant, don’t flash your valuables, keep your bags and purses closed, and take a copy of your passport to bring around with you. 

Violent crimes against tourists in Cuba are very rare.

What Are The Prices In Cuba?

There are also two prices for goods and services in Cuba, one for Cubans (adapted to their super low level of monthly salary, which is around $300), and one for tourists, which is a lot higher.

Shops in touristy zones typically have higher prices, but you can haggle the prices down a bit if you have the time and energy.

Read more about the Cuban currency and money in Cuba before your trip.

What Is Special About Trinidad?

The dancefloor lit by colorful lights inside La Cueva night club outside Trinidad, which is deep below ground in a large cave, where the dance floor is full of dancing people
La Cueva club in an underground cave

The most unique feature about Trinidad, Cuba, is that it is like a “screenshot” of a Cuban colonial town frozen in history! 

Trinidad became a forgotten backwater over a century ago after Cuba was priced out of the sugar trade. Since then, the historic city has remained almost untouched.

Trinidad was implemented as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the 1980s, and because of this, you can get a glimpse of colonial Cuba today. 

Is Trinidad Cuba Worth Visiting? 

Trinidad is one of the most beautiful historic towns not only in Cuba but also in all of the Caribbean, and its historic charm and beauty are just some of the reasons Trinidad is worth a visit.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Trinidad?

A cobblestoned street in Trinidad, where a horse and carriage is passing, people walking between the colorful colonial buildings on a sunny day
Street life

The high season in Cuba coincides with the dry season, which runs from November through April. In May the wet season starts, and the hurricane season is at its peak between August and October.

In the summer, the weather is very hot and humid. 

The best time to visit weather-wise is in the dry season. Personally, I prefer March through May, as temperatures are nice, and there is not a lot of rain. 

Late August through October also has wonderful temperatures, but expect afternoon showers and the occasional tropical storm.

Can you go to Cuba in now?

Yes, you can visit Cuba now, and that includes American citizens. For most travelers, all you need is a ticket, Cuban tourist card, lodging, and travel insurance. 

American citizens also need to buy the slightly more expensive pink tourist card, refrain from staying in government-owned hotels, and shop in government stores.

Read all about how to travel from the US to Cuba if you are unsure.

Wrap-Up Things To Do In Trinidad Cuba

I am sure you have got one extra little problem with your travel planning to Cuba after reading this article – to prioritize!

But what a luxury problem, you can look forward to exploring this charming and special city in Cuban history, and the magnificent area that surrounds it with stunning beaches and beautiful national parks.

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