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Do You Know The Indigenous Taino Nickname For Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island that has several nicknames. Many of these are based on geographical location, people, and the unique culture of the island, and this nickname for Puerto Rico is not very different in that sense.

I have to admit that I did not pick up on this one even though I was traveling Puerto Rico for over a month (AND I speak Spanish), but I just discovered that one popular nickname for Puerto Rico is “Boricua” (pronounced bo-ree-coo-ah).

Wow, that’s a hard one to pronounce!

Where Does This Nickname For Puerto Rico Come From?

The term Boricua comes from the native population on the island; it is the Taíno word for the actual island, Borinquen. So, in a way, it is not really a nickname; it sounds more like the original name of Puerto Rico.

The term “Boricua” is seen as a symbol of Puerto Rican pride and can be seen in advertisements, TV shows, and even baseball teams on the island.

The Puerto Rican Diaspora Also Call Themselves Boricua

Nickname for Puerto Rico. The surf on the northern shores of Puerto Rico can get fierce!

It is especially popular among people from Puerto Rico who live on the mainland (U.S.) or are members of the Puerto Rican diaspora communities elsewhere in the world. 

The term also refers to anyone from San Juan, Ponce, or any other municipality within Puerto Rico.

The phrase is widely seen as a way of connecting people who may not live on the island but still consider themselves proud Puerto Ricans. 

Not only does “Boricua” represent Puerto Rican pride and identity, but it is also used as the unofficial mascot of Puerto Rican golf tournaments and Caribbean travel!

It greets visitors on t-shirts and other souvenirs, representing the island’s rich culture that extends beyond its borders. 

No matter where they are in the world, all Puerto Ricans proudly call themselves “Boricuas” — a reminder of their strong connection to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and its people. 

Whether you are from San Juan or Ponce, a Boricua is someone who is proudly connected to the Caribbean culture of Puerto Rico.

The Boricua Spanish

The Puerto Rican variation of Spanish is also referred to as Borucua, the Spanish dialect in Puerto Rico.

If you want to highlight your own Puerto Rican heritage (if you have it) or impress someone you know from this beautiful Caribbean island, you can proudly embrace the nickname “Boricua” and share it with others!

What Is Puerto Rico Known For?

The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico is known for its spectacular beaches around the island, in San Juan, Isabela, Rincon and Ponce.

The beaches in Rincon are great for surfing, and Rincon on the west coast is known as the surfing capital of Puerto Rico.

Wrap-Up Nickname For Puerto Rico

Now you know how to impress the local population in Puerto Rico.

A great way of connecting with Puerto Ricans, regardless of where they are in the world, is to refer to them as boricua! 

From the small villages of Mayagüez to the urban streets of San Juan, being a Boricua is something that all Puerto Ricans will be proud of.

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