Scuba diving Playa Giron the Bay of Pigs in Cuba

Playa Giron Diving: Scuba Diving Bay of Pigs By A Local (2024)

If you are already a scuba diver or just an adventurous traveler, you might want to explore the underwater world diving in Cuba as well. One brilliant experience is Playa Giron diving in the Bay of Pigs along the southern shores of Cuba.

Diving in Playa Giron is one of many good scuba diving options where you can make an easy exit from the beach.

I have been diving in this spot twice, once while doing a multi-day trip from Havana and once while doing a day trip from Varadero on the northern coast.

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Scuba Diving In Cuba

There are great opportunities to go scuba diving in Cuba, both as an experienced diver or as a first-timer trying it out, and it is not just limited to the big resort in Varadero or the Cuban Keys.

Along the southern coast of Cuba, in the areas of Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Bahia de Cochinos, and Santiago de Cuba, there are excellent diving possibilities.

You can also go snorkeling in Cuba, at all dive locations, or on any beach you visit. 

We booked a one-day scuba diving trip to a dive site called Punta Perdiz, close to Playa Giron on the southern Cuban coast, more commonly known to the world as the Bay of Pigs! 

Playa Giron Diving In Cuba

Scuba diving from Punta Perdiz along the Bay of Pigs in crystal clear water on a bright sunny summer day.
Scuba diving from Punta Perdiz along the Bay of Pigs

After a good night’s sleep at the Casa Particular, we set off early the next morning for the Playa Giron diving experience. 

The process of registering for the dive included giving up my name and my level of experience, how many dives I had done, and under what conditions.  

Lucky for me, I did not need to show my certificate, as I had left it at home and was prepared to argue my case (offline as one is in Cuba and not able to log on and find it electronically).

For the record, I am a Padi-certified Advanced Diver, so don’t worry. We quickly moved on to selecting gear before we boarded a bright yellow typical American school bus heading for the dive site. 

The dive site is called Punta Perdiz, and the actual spot where we are exiting is named Punta Parda, a couple of kilometers north of Punta Perdiz.

I have booked two dives today, and I have read that the diving location outside of Punta Perdiz is supposed to be very good. It is a wall stretching around 30 km along the coastline, only 30-40 meters from the shoreline or beach. 

This means there is no hassle with boats or anything – you can just walk right out.

A large sign from the road around Playa Giron in the Bay of Pigs, saying Giron: Victory of the People.
Victory for the People on Playa Giron

Pre-dive Organization

While waiting for the administration of the group dive trip to be sorted, I am admiring the exit spot.

It has amazing blue crystal clear waters and just a little wind cruising the surface.

I am just hanging around until a guy says, “You’re with me”, when the crew has organized the divers into groups based on experience. Excellent, I am happy and ready to follow the leader on this new dive site with my dive buddy.  

Exit point for scuba diving in the Bay of Pigs, in Punta Perdiz. Exit is from the shore, into the light green crystal clear water.
Exit point at Punta Perdiz

Descending To The First Wall Dive Of The Day

Both submersions outside Punta Perdiz will be wall dives.

The scenery at this exit spot is gorgeous, the color of the sea, the sand, the horizon – a little beach paradise. Gearing up, we head out through the lazy waves slowly descending from shore and the surface.

The guide is swimming calmly in the front, checking up on the gang behind him now and then.

The wall suddenly appears before us, and the bottom changes from cozy light sand to a dark void ahead, a steep rock. 

The wall disappears somewhere below, and we hover just outside the edge of the wall, enjoying the feeling of floating while admiring the life on the wall at about 20 meters depth.

The marine life is busy, and the vegetation is quite versatile and colorful. Curious white and yellow fish swim by in the hundreds, often taking a close pass in front of my mask and exchanging curious glances with me. 

We swim slowly along the wall at about 20-25 depth meters for about 40 minutes, out and back.

The visibility is generally good, and there is hardly any current, so heading back to the beach is an easy peasy swim. Then, there was a break and dumping of excess nitrogen before dive number two. 

EpicNomadLife Tip: Do you keep thinking you should have had a GoPro? Going diving in Cuba is a perfect opportunity to get one!

Unlike other great diving destinations, the dive guides here often do not have cameras to help you out, so maybe this is the reason you need to finally get it!

All Set For The Second Wall Dive After A Sunny Break

Initially, on the second wall dive, my valve is giving away curious, tiny little bubbles. As it rented equipment, I reached out to the guide to make him have a look before we go any further. 

He checked it out at around 5 meters and signaled to me that this should be no problem at all. I made a quick assessment of his assessment and decided that he is probably right. It is his gear, after all.

The second dive is much like the first one. Only this time, we head in the other direction when we reach the wall. The visibility is still very good in the afternoon, and no noticeable current. 

The life of the wall is vibrant, and the pace in the calm waters is slow and comfortable.

On this second dive, we also swing by a small wreck! A small fishing boat that seems to have been down here for a while – possibly since around 1961 as well?

After about 40 new minutes in the water, the guide heads back to shore, and it is lovely to get out of the water and into the sun.

The dive site was beautiful, the weather was awesome, and the guide was helpful and patient. Even with no Spanish skills (yet), it all went well! 

It is embarrassing to say, but I tend to freeze a bit! Even the Caribbean is not always super warm! 

Enjoying the sunshine and increasing wind on the beach, I am very happy with today’s diving experience. 

All in all, it is a recommendable experience if you are in those parts.

Punta Perdiz All Inclusive Day Resort

On our way back on the school bus, we hiked with the bus for a couple of kilometers before jumping off. 

Just here by the sea, there is an All-Inclusive Day Resort, which, according to Google Maps, is the actual Punta Perdiz.  

We pay a cover charge at the “door” and enter the area. The whole site is within a large fenced area, where there is a restaurant with an all-day buffet immediately inside.

Different areas have sunbeds and a little kiosk that is also a bar. 

The ambiance is a little “Europe in the 80s”, but it does have a certain charm. Besides, it is sunny and relaxing and has everything we need after a long day of salty seawater and submarine life. 

Not to mention, the bar hands out coffee, juice, or Cuba Libre to anyone who wants it – all is included in the cover charge! 

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Wrap-Up Playa Giron Diving

Playa Giron is an incredibly beautiful diving site; the exit spot is easy, the water is unimaginably clear, and the conditions (at least on this particular day) are excellent.

There is no current, “limitless” visibility, and a vibrant submarine life all along the wall, only a minute’s swim from these shores in Cuba. It is fascinating to experience this idyllic and tranquil place today that was the center of dramatic history in the Bay of Pigs between Cuba and the US.

Along the whole coastline around the Bay of Pigs and Playa Giron is a myriad of amazing dive sites, not just Punta Perdiz.

Check out this extensive article for more information about these southern dive sites in Cuba.

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