Best pool hotels in San Jose Costa Rica

6 Best Pool Hotels In San Jose Costa Rica (2024)

If you’re looking to make the absolute most of your stay in San Jose, Costa Rica, you should look at the best pool hotels in San Jose Costa Rica!

The closest beach to the Costa Rican capital is a few hours away from the city, and San Jose is a charming metropolis that deserves your undivided attention for a few days.

So don’t worry; whether you are off on a family vacation or a romantic getaway, there are plenty of really great hotels in San Jose with pools to relax and enjoy – and soak in refreshing water!

Here are six amazing top-rated hotels with much-coveted refreshing pools in San Jose, both within the city and a few outside, that are truly unique and had to be on the list. From rooftop oases to sprawling outdoor spaces, these San Jose pool hotels offer a range of options to fit your budget and style.

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Awesome Hotels with Pools in San Jose

Sabana Metropolitan Park close to La Sabana Hilton San Jose hotel
Sabana Metropolitan Park San Jose

Even though San Jose is located at some altitude and does not have the same incredible humidity that the coastal regions need to deal with.

You know how amazing it feels to soak in healing water at the end of a day exploring a travel destination!

So, without further ado, here are 6 top-rated hotels with pools in San Jose that will make your body and soul very happy. 

1. Hotel Grano de Oro San Jose

Best pool hotels in San Jose Costa Rica. The beautiful Grano de Oro - Photo: Grano de Oro
The beautiful Grano de Oro – Photo: Grano de Oro

Close to Sabana Park in San Jose, not far from the National Theater, is the incredible Hotel Grano de Oro (grain of gold), a stunning boutique hotel with an exclusive ambiance that looks like a Victorian villa!

It has the same remarkable atmosphere on the inside, gorgeous interior, decorations, deluxe rooms, and just incredible lavish luxury. 

The Grano de Oro does not really have an outdoor pool, but it does have two heavenly outdoor jacuzzis surrounded by a lush garden with a serene atmosphere where you can just sink in and let go of any stress that might be lingering.


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
From the moment you step foot onto the Grano de Oro’s property, you are transported from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The hotel is beautiful. The lobby is small but modern and the rooms are well-appointed and charming. My outdoor terrace was serene and the bed very comfortable. I never wanted to leave!”
July 2023

On-site, the famous restaurant serving you a Costa Rican-European cuisine fusion will blow you away with its fabulous dishes, and it is open from breakfast through lunch and into dinner.

Hundreds of guests can not say enough good things about this restaurant, where you will be seated as royalty!

As the restaurant also has a well-stocked bar with a wide selection of incredible wines, this is a really good option for gourmet lovers from all over the world.

Get your morning exercise in at the in-house fitness room before heading out, and you don’t even need to leave the hotel to get yourself loosening massage services either, as there is an onsite spa.

The Grano de Oro really is more than just one grain of gold!

2. La Sabana Hilton San Jose Costa Rica

La Sabana Hilton Hotel in one of  the best hotels in San Jose Costa Rica, a shiny black modern highrise on a sunny day with the city in the background.
Sabana Hilton Hotel in San Jose Costa Rica

When you stay at the luxurious Sabana Hilton San Jose in the capital of Costa Rica, you are in for an unforgettable modern luxe experience. 

The Sabana Hilton in San Jose is located just across from Sabana Park and the National Stadium, just over two miles from downtown San Jose. 


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Beautiful property right across the street from the National Stadium in San José. The tallest building in the city with spectacular views and the trademark Hilton style and attention to detail. Will be back!”
July 2023

With stunning views over the city (as the building has 31 shiny floors) it lies like a landmark in the city, and to add to the excitement, the absolutely beautiful pool is at the top!

It is not an outside pool, but it might as well have been, as the “walls” are all windows, so you will not be deprived of anything.

There is outside seating, so you can bring your refreshments, have a seat, and just take it all in.

At this beautiful hotel, you will find impeccable dining experiences with unsurpassed views of the city from floor-to-ceiling windows.

From the fitness center, wellness, and pool area, you find the same infinite view.

You can relax on one of the pool beds and soak up the scenery outside and below. There is also a business center and conference rooms here.

This modern-style hotel has everything: its state-of-the-art amenities, stylish decor, light, delicate, spacious rooms, friendly staff, and great reviews across the board. 

3. La Sabana Hotel Suites Apartments

Sabana Metropolitan park arial photo San Jose Costa Rica
La Sabana Metropolitan Park in San Jose North

For travelers who prefer a more low-key home-away-from-home experience, La Sabana Hotel Suites Apartments is a great budget place!

This best top-rated option offers exactly that kind of holiday with easy access to the tranquility of La Sabana Park. 

First things first, there is a super nice swimming pool in the garden surrounded by lush greenery on this property! 


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“La Sabana Hotel & Suites is a delightful place to stay. The pool is beautiful and creates such a nice ambiance to the hotel property. The staff are super nice and helpful! We had such a lovely stay at La Sabana!”
July 2023

You can choose between standard rooms, suites, and apartments; the latter is great for anyone who likes to have kitchen amenities available and the possibility to make meals “at home” while traveling. 

The Sabana does have a limited room service available, as well as a snack bar and free wi-fi, and there is an on-site sauna, spa, and business center. Reviews are rated top-notch!

Stunning Hotel Gems With Pools Outside San Jose

The Poas Volcano north of San Jose
The Poas Volcano north of San Jose

A short distance outside of San Jose city center, there are some absolute hotel gems that can not be unnamed in an article such as this!

Although they are not in the middle of the urban zone, these hotels have unique properties that you will absolutely love if you don’t mind being a bit outside the city. 

4. Miradora King Villa Home Stay With Pool

Night view of San Jose Costa Rica from a distance
San Jose at night from the north

In the northern part of San Jose, close to the Central Market Alajuela, you find a spectacular, luxurious property option at the Miradora King Villa

This modern minimalist villa houses up to eight people in four bedrooms (and five bathrooms).

This white modernistic villa is equipped with multiple terraces, a hot tub with a view, and two delicate terraced pools you can step right into from the living room!

“Amazing property!”

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“We loved this property. We had such a great experience here. The place was just like it appears in the images. A big plus for the stunning mountain view in the back pool/lounge.”
Rafael G
January 2023

In a light, open kitchen, you can prepare your gourmet meals for ten people served in the dining area, or just head out to one of the balconies and have a BBQ instead. 

All bedrooms are just bright and white and delicate, all with large windows and views of the surrounding greenish edge-of-the-city ambiance. 

This elegant modern villa in a residential area over three floors with stunning city views is around 45 minutes from the downtown area of San Jose.

This is an ideal location if you don’t mind the drive down; this is the perfect getaway for a family, a group of friends, or couples that love to travel together!

5. The Peace Lodge 

The Peace Lodge is actually one and a half hours north of San Jose, but the Peace Lodge truly is a diamond too good, not to mention to people planning to visit San Jose and Costa Rica!

Like it is taken right out of a fairytale, the colorful, unique interior and decorations come right from majestic nature, with logs in the ceiling and fireplaces shaped like trees or coated with rounded rocks shaped by rivers for millennials. 


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Gorgeous property. The hospitality was incredible; everyone was so kind and helpful. The room was gorgeous, with the best bathroom ever! Incredible views and the property was so fun. We loved the waterfalls and animals.”
June 2023

Think Hobbiton in Lord of the Rings meets elegant Swiss mountain cabins!

One of the four dining areas is open to an outside grotto area with waterfalls and greenery, jetted tubs, and rainfall showers right next to your table.

The spacious hotel rooms have canopy beds and charming balconies, and some have bathtubs outside (disclosed as a natural oasis) with incredible views of the rainforest around the hotel. 

There is also a beautiful closed-in arboretum on the property, and the pool at night is nothing short of magic! This hotel is one of the best options for anyone who loves the unique.

The Peace Lodge is also not far from the Poas Volcano National Park and has stunning waterfalls and walking trails nearby in the middle of the incredible Costa Rican nature.

There is wildlife all around, and the hotel’s surroundings mirror the entire soul of the Peace Lodge. 

6. Xandari Resort And Spa

On the northern outskirts of San Jose, you find the one-of-a-kind Xandari Resort and Spa, not situated in complete wilderness but as close as you get while you still have spectacular night views over San Jose!

The Xandari Resort interior is a combination of clean, airy design and art mixed with areas of color and vibrance.

All are touched with details from nature outside, reminding you that you are in one of the most biodiverse countries in the world.


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Everything was wonderful. The resort was so beautiful and there were so many things to do and enjoy on the site. The food and service were very good as well. I will definitely go back.”
Alexandra Mirela
August 2023

From one of the three outdoor pools, you see miles and miles of wavy green hills and a truly unique sunset where the sun disappears behind the volcano on the horizon. 

Go for walks in the stunning tropical gardens or longer hikes in the wilderness before unwinding at the afternoon spa or shopping in the gift shop. 

From the outdoor dining area, you can also gaze into the horizon over dinner and a glass of wine while the heart of the city lights starts to sparkle in the distance to round up your day!

What Is Special About Costa Rica?

What is special about Costa Rica?

Costa Rica boasts some of the world’s most beautiful tropical beaches and forests, with a rich land and sea biodiversity, making it a perfect destination for ecotourism. 

Its lush landscapes, stunning beaches, and picturesque mountains make it an ideal spot for travelers looking to experience nature while still enjoying the comforts of modern amenities. 

San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica in the heart of the Central Valley, is the largest city in the country and is known as a vibrant cultural hub.

San Jose also offers great shopping, vibing nightlife, an excellent cultural trip choice, and wonderful restaurants to explore.

And great hotels with pools!

The Most Famous Destinations In Costa Rica!

The most famous destinations in Costa Rica always includes the beaches.
  • San Jose
  • Monteverde and the Cloud Forest
  • Arenal volcano
  • Quepos and the Nature Reserve
  • La Fortuna with the hot springs
  • Sarapiqui Rainforest
  • Tortuguero
  • Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
  • Dominican Beach for surfing
  • Tamarindo Beach for surfing

FAQs San Jose Costa Rica

What Is San Jose Costa Rica Most Known For?

San Jose is the high-sitting capital of Costa Rica and one of its most popular tourist destinations.

The city’s key attractions include hot springs, museums, volcanoes, beaches, wildlife parks like Manuel Antonio, rainforests, and an array of activities for all ages.

Downtown San Jose also boasts a vibrant nightlife with an impressive selection of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to suit every taste.

How Far Is San Jose Costa Rica From The Beaches?

The closest beach to San Jose Costa Rica, from the Caribbean side, is located in the southern part of the Caribbean coast, two hours drive from San Jose.

How To Get To Costa Rica?

The best way to get to Costa Rica from other countries is by air.

There are direct flights from major North American cities such as New York, Miami, Houston, and more to the San Jose Airport (Juan Santamaria International Airport). 

From there, you can take domestic buses or rent a car to explore the country. 

What Type Of Climate Does Costa Rica Have?

Costa Rica is a country with a tropical climate with two distinctive seasons – the dry season (December to April) and the wet season (May to November).

Temperatures in San Jose typically range from 70°F during the day up to 86°F in the summer months. 

The surrounding areas are generally cooler, especially at night. 

What Is The Best Time To Visit Costa Rica?

The best time to visit San Jose and Costa Rica is in the dry season, from late December to mid-April, which is the most popular time to visit Costa Rica.

During this period, temperatures are generally hot and very sunny, making it ideal for outdoor activities such as surfing, hiking, and bird watching. 

What Time Is The Wet Season In Costa Rica?

The wet season in Costa Rica typically runs from May to November, with the peak of the rainy season happening between June and October.

During this period, it rains heavily in some parts of the country, with periodic storms throughout the day.

Despite the rain, it can still be a great time to visit, as many destinations offer lush green landscapes and stunning waterfalls. 

What Is The Currency In Costa Rica?

The official currency of Costa Rica is the Costa Rican Colon (CRC). 

The exchange rate for the US dollar to CRC can vary daily, so it is important to check with your bank before making a purchase. 

Credit cards are widely accepted in San Jose and other major cities. 

Do ATMs Work For Americans In Costa Rica?

Yes, ATMs are widely available in Costa Rica, and they accept international debit cards.

However, it is important to check with your bank to make sure the card will work in Costa Rica, and you should be aware of any fees associated with withdrawals.

It is also recommended to carry some cash as certain vendors may not accept cards. 

Are There Any Public Transportation Options In San Jose?

Yes, there are several public transportation options in San Jose, including buses, taxis, and car rental services. 

Public buses are the most popular form of transportation as they are easy to use and reasonably priced. The fares vary by route but typically start at around 500 CRC (~$1 USD). 

Taxi services are also available and are typically more expensive than public buses.

They can be a great option if you need to get somewhere quickly or don’t want to navigate San Jose’s busy streets on your own. 

How Do I Rent A Car In San Jose Costa Rica?

Car rental services are available for those looking to explore the rest of Costa Rica, and it is smart to book online from a trusted and high-ranked provider like Discover Cars. 

It is important to make sure your insurance covers rentals before making a reservation, as some companies may charge extra for international drivers. 

Are There Any Beach Destinations Near San Jose?

The closest beach destination to San Jose is Jaco Beach and Playa Hermosa, which is around a two-hour drive from the capital down to the Pacific coast

Here, you will find great surfing conditions, as well as restaurants, shops, and activities to keep you busy. 

A little further south along the Pacific coast, you find Esterillos Oeste and then Quepos and Manuel Antonio National Park, which is one more hour away.

In the Manuel Antonio National Park, there are stunning beaches and lush rainforests, and you can encounter abundant wildlife. 

Are There Any Hotels With Pools In San Jose?

Yes, there are several luxury hotels with pools in San Jose, as you hopefully now are aware of!

What Other Activities Are There To Do In San Jose?

San Jose has something for everyone. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, you can visit Sky Adventures Park and go zip-lining through the rainforest canopy. 

For a more relaxed day, there are plenty of gardens and parks to explore as well as art galleries, theaters, and museums.

Wrap-Up Hotels In San Jose Costa Rica With Pools

There are a variety of hotels in San Jose, some with pools and some without.

Here I have gathered three city hotels in Costa Rica’s capital San Jose that are spectacular in their own rights, from elegant and modern, to lavish, luxurious, and home-away-from-home ambiance.

They all have the wonderful option of taking a swim in the morning or the afternoon, a perfect wellness detail any traveler will recognize after hours of exploring new destinations!

The last three hotels are a bit outside the city, but these are INCREDIBLE in all aspects.

Despite the slight distance, when you check them out, you will see why you need to know about these options when you are planning to visit San Jose!

Happy Travel Planning!

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