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Trinidad Cuba Nightlife 2024: Dance In An Underground Cave!

Havana is not the only place in Cuba that has nightlife worth exploring. Trinidad Cuba’s nightlife scene is also super vibrant, although on a slightly smaller scale.

I have traveled to Cuba regularly for five years and have visited this unique town on the southern coast of Cuba several times since 2019. And I can tell you Trinidad is a unique destination in general.

Trinidad’s nightlife scene offers many small bars and restaurants in the historic city center. And Trinidad has this one unique and really cool place that you might want to know about.

La Cueva nightclub is a clubbing scene you find far below ground in a huge cave structure right outside the center of Trinidad. I have been there, and it is really super cool!

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Vibrant Trinidad Cuba Nightlife

Casa de la Musica in Trinidad Old City in Cuba! Trinidad Nightlife. There is a seating area with chairs and tables in front of the stage where there is live music on the cobbled square.

Trinidad is about a four-hour drive from Havana if you take a fast direct taxi or around 7 with the Viazul bus. The town is a landmark of Cuba in itself and has huge historic significance.

There are a variety of cozy little bars, restaurants, and dance places in the city center, like the Casa de la Musica Trinidad, which has outdoor seating and live music. 

If you don’t mind a short walk (or taxi trip) about ten minutes uphill north of the city and then a five-minute walk down the long stairs into the center of the earth, there is a different experience waiting for you.

When you are walking the streets of the old historic city at night, I do recommend you leave your stilettos at home. The cobblestones here are treacherous!

La Cueva Club, also known as Disco Ayala, is a unique underground dance club situated far below ground in a natural cave with colorful lighting among ancient stalactites and rugged cave walls. 

Popular Trinidad Nightlife Venues

Charming restaurant in Trinidad Cuba, right next to Casa de la Musica. Photo from the second floor, with views to the outdoor seating, with lots of pink and white flowers, tiled floor, tables and chairs with guests under small beautiful lamps.

After my most recent visit to Trinidad, Cuba, these are the five recommended places for a fun night in Trinidad by the locals.

Check the reviews on TripAdvisor, though, as not all travelers agree that all places are great.

Trinidad Cuba Nightlife | La Cueva Club

The dimly lit stairway to get down to the club Disco Ayala! Three ladies are walking down in summer dresses, towards the rocky hall beneath.

La Cueva is a favorite weekend spot for locals and adventurous tourists who get wind of it by word of mouth. If it is not one of the most unique clubs in Cuba, it is most certainly one of the most spectacular ones!

La Cueva opens at 11 p.m., and it was a pleasant surprise that there was hardly any queue to get in. 

The entry fee was $5, and that includes one drink when you reach the club area at the bottom of the long, crooked stairway. 

Heading down into the cave structure, the surroundings are astonishing: wide stares, high ceilings with stalactites hanging.

Lots of colored lighting appears to accompany the growing sounds of reggaeton from the bottom of the stairs.

Although there are not too many signs of the traditional Cuban rhythms, it is an amazing location, and we get to shake both the booty and the feet for a few hours in this quite unique environment. 

Disco Ayala Bar And Dance Floor

The packed dance floor in Disco Ayala, La Cueva night club in Trinidad, Cuba. The dancing people are lit by colored lighting amidst the cave walls.

In the main cave, the nightclub, there are different levels where you can either sit, stand, or dance, and the place was packed on the Saturday we visited. 

It definitely has a large-night club vibe, super loud music, and plastic cups for drinks.

The music is a mix of reggaeton, Spanish lyrics of love, lust, and agony, and hits from the West, although mostly from a few years back. 

The dance floor was pretty much packed all the time.

Seating area in La Cueva night club, on an elevated sorky place under the rugged cave walls and ceilings, people are sitting on bright yellow chairs amidst the colorful lighting
La Cueva seating area Trinidad Cuba

Ricky Martin is, of course, represented on the playlist; after all, we ARE in the Caribbean. 

Video Snippet From Disco Ayala

Click the video below to get a little impression of what it feels like to visit La Cueva!

Unfortunately, the environment and lighting are not video-friendly, but they will give you a sense of the ambiance.

Absolutely worth the night and the fee to get in. But don’t take my word for it; read what people on Tripadvisor have things to say about Disco Ayala

Things To Do Trinidad Cuba

It is a stretch for a day trip from Havana, but spend the night, and you will have two (or three) wonderful days in this charming and beautiful colonial city that UNESCO protects.

You will not be bored in Trinidad; there are lots of things to do in the daytime as well.

Here is a short overview:

  • Guided tour of the historic city
  • Horseback riding trip
  • Topes de Collantes National Park
  • Classic American Car tour to Playa Ancon
  • Bike tours
  • Cocktail Workshops
  • Walk the famous yellow clock tower
  • Take a Cuban salsa class
  • Visit the Valley of the Sugar Mills

5 Top-Rated Day Tours In Trinidad

Even for party kings and queens, don’t forget to explore the amazing city of Trinidad and its surroundings in the daytime!

You can explore on your own or join one of these five top-rated organized tours, which will take you to the highlights of Trinidad and amazing places down south in Cuba.

Wrap-Up Trinidad Cuba Nightlife

The wide stone stairway up to the Casa de la Musica in Trinidad, Cuba, at night surrounded by flowers.

Although not a huge city or Metropole in Cuba, Trinidad does present a decent nightlife for party animals. Well, at least a number of bars and restaurants.

At Casa de la Musica, out in the open, you can enjoy the true Cuban vibe of salsa, rhumba, and son, and also try out your skills (or learn some) while giving in to the leadership on the dancefloor.

Or explore some reggeaton deep below ground for a few hours; my only super important nightlife advice for the ladies out there is NO HEELS in Trinidad!

There are old cobblestoned streets everywhere, and you don’t want to break your foot OR your heel!

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