Osprey Farpoint 80 review

Osprey Farpoint 80 Review For Longer Journeys (2024)

I wrote this Osprey Farpoint 80 review a few years ago, after six months of traveling South America in 2019.

Five years later, I still travel the world with this backpack, which is not only great quality but allows me to be a little generous with my packing and shopping while traveling.

Here is my long-term review of the Osprey Farpoint 80 backpack. Originally designed for men, it works perfectly well for a solo traveling woman who loves to travel long term, too!

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My Osprey Farpoint 80L

My red Osprey Farpoint stacked in front of my white rental car in Costa Rica, on a road trip. It is a warm sunny summer day, and the mountains of Costa Rica are green in the background.

The Osprey Farpoint 80 in a bright red color was my travel companion and trusted sherpa for six months in 2019 while exploring South America.

All my things lived there through Cuba, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, and two years later, we are still best friends!  

According to Osprey’s description, it is an “Osprey Farpoint 80l men’s travel pack with zip-away harness and hip belt”.

Specifically for men, apparently, but regardless, for a woman of 165 cm, the 80l suited me just fine. The belt and harness are versatile and adjustable and were no problem for a woman, 1.65 cm / 5.4.

Osprey Farpoint 80 Review | A Backpack With Space

Selfie in the mirror with the Osprey Farpoint 80 on my back, ready to go backpacking.

You might argue that this backpack is a bit big for backpacking, and in many situations, you would be absolutely right. 

Most people make the effort to travel as lightly as possible, and I get that.

However, on my South America journey, I had to bring clothes and equipment for three seasons.

I did high-altitude trekking in the South American winter, visited big cities in spring/fall temperatures, and visited beach paradises in super-hot summer temperatures. 

For this kind of journey, the size is more or less perfect, and the comfortable harness makes it easy to carry for a bit of distance when necessary. 

Osprey Farpoint 80 review red backpack

Despite the fact that I am not a shopaholic, I was happy to have a little extra space to be able to actually buy something during my journeys.

The “rescue” for smaller excursions is to bring a small daypack that you can crumble up and take no space when packed.

Yet it’s big enough to last for a day trip or two when you need a light pack.

If you prefer something smaller, the Osprey range also offers bestseller backpacks in different sizes of the same quality.

Current Osprey Bestsellers

No products found.

Osprey Farpoint 80 Materials And Build

The backpack’s material and build come across as very solid and of good quality.

Initially, the layout of the inner backpack seemed a little “simple,” with only one room. The Osprey Farpoint 80 has a net-front pocket and small side pockets inside, which at first glance seem a little unorganizable.

However, the first impression soon faded. It is super-organizable, as you can zip open the whole top of the backpack!

I was truly AMAZED by how much content I could fit into this space! Of course, it is 80 liters, so it is rather big – but still. 

No matter what shopping traps you encounter on your way, you will find that everything fits into the backpack when it is time to move on.

I had my high-altitude mountain clothes, big shoes, and warm wool stuff, as well as summer dresses with me. Pumps and bikinis, hats, and polar jackets all fit in there.

Also, of course, all the tech and no-tech travel gadgets and kits, a not insignificant volume of toiletries.

Osprey Farpoint Best For Short Hikes

Osprey Farpoint 80 review. The harness is comfortable enough for you to carry the backpack on shorter distances or hikes.

The harness is relatively comfortable, with wide shoulder straps and a wide and soft tummy belt.

You can easily carry a full Osprey Farpoint 80 liters around for a day or two without running into problems with your back or soreness from the straps.

However, I don’t think this is the backpack for a one-week mountain hike where you have to carry all your kit with you.

The main reason for that is the back structure of the backpack.

The Osprey Farpoint 80 has a padded side that meets your back and is comfortable in that way, but it is rather erect and is not designed to follow the curves of your back and spine.

For multi-day hiking trips where you carry your own gear, you probably would be better off with a backpack constructed with a more ergonomic back suited to better support carrying heavy loads comfortably over time. 

Packing, Transport & Security

It is good to secure the backpack zipper with a padlock for flights or transport when you do not have control of your gear.

I have experienced some destinations where I have NOT locked my luggage, where items at the top of my bag were missing when the luggage arrived at the airport conveyor belt.

Not fun.

Also, there is a small zipped pocket on the outside that can not be padlocked (with holes that are too small), suitable for small stuff you are not too worried about losing.

Two small elastic net pockets on the outside allow for maps, water bottles, and other easy-to-reach stuff on the “tummy” of the backpack.

Not least, the two small outer straps can hold your yoga mat, sleeping pads, or tripod during transport.

As you can see from the photos, my Mr. Osprey is no longer brand new but is still in really good shape. 

Currently, the Osprey Farpoint 80L is out of stock. The closest in size is the 75l. Check out the other sizes in the Osprey Farpoint series in the link below, which generally receives five-star reviews across the board!

Osprey Farpoint 80 Has Room For Three Seasons

My Osprey Fairpoint 80 and I traveled to the steaming hot beaches in Costa Rica and big cities like Quito in Ecuador, as well as trekking the Inca Trail in Peru. 

The highest point in Peru was over 4,000 meters altitude, not extremely high but enough to make sure night temperatures fell dramatically, so I was thankful for my extended space to pack appropriately. 

Although you normally are provided with the majority of gear you need for hikes of that kind, packing your own really good hiking shoes and warm clothes is important – and takes up a lot more space than tiny summer dresses or shorts!

Osprey Farpoint 80 Review Conclusion

I absolutely recommend the Osprey Fairpoint 80 for long trips where you need a bit of packing space and do not have to carry your backpack outdoors for days. 

It is comfortable to wear and gives you great flexibility and room for all you need. The quality is good, the seams are solid, and the harness is suited for carrying your backpack for a distance – although not a multi-day hike.

And the fresh red color on mine makes it easy to spot at the airport, and it also makes me REALLY happy.

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