Charming detail with an overwater hut along Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman

Epic Grand Cayman Solo Travel – Have Fun At Seven Mile Beach! (2024)

Maybe the single most compelling reason to embark on Grand Cayman solo travel adventures is to bask in the sand and waves of its incredible, picturesque Seven Mile Beach. 

When I traveled solo in Grand Cayman for over one month, I spent a lot of time on Seven Mile Beach, walking along the crystal-clear waters, stopping for a swim, or at one of the many bars and restaurants dotted along the sands. 

Situated on the western side of Grand Cayman, this iconic public beach on Grand Cayman has won multiple awards. In fact, TripAdvisor ranked it the fourth-best beach in the Caribbean, and MSN ranked it the 12th-best beach in the world.

It is also named “one of the Ultimate Beaches in the region” by Caribbean Travel + Life, so the list of travel authorities supporting the incredibleness of these sands is solid. 

So what’s not to love?

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Things To Do Seven Mile Beach Going Solo

Aerial photo of Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman. Best things to do solo Seven Mile Beach.

First of all, Seven Mile Beach is a very visitor-friendly beach.

A variety of beach activities are offered under the palm trees along the sandy shore, and you can even book several of them directly on the beach. 

Or why not take a break from tanning to try a kite surfing lesson? Or go jet skiing, parasailing, paragliding, water skiing, a leisurely stand-up paddleboard experience, or snorkeling? 

📍 EpicNomadLife Tip: My favorite tour on Grand Cayman was swimming with stingrays at Stingray City on a day trip.

Seven Mile Beach Snorkeling Options

Snorkeling is generally not that great directly from most of the beach areas, as there are quite few coral reefs within swimming distance. 

However, there are a few good snorkel sites you can swim out to directly from the sands.

If you go to Governors Beach, you will see a white buoy off the sands, marking a reef within swimming distance, a great snorkel site with shallow water, and fun things to see. 

You can also go to Cemetery Beach, a great place where you need to swim for 7-8 minutes to find the best parts of a vibrant reef outside this beach. 

Lastly, you can head to the sands in front of the Marriott Hotel, where hundreds of balls have been submerged in the water to create artificial reefs. The result is an area that now is teeming with tropical fish and marine life to enjoy.

If one of your main goals for visiting Grand Cayman solo is incredible snorkeling among colorful fish, don’t worry – there are plenty of places to go for that experience.

For the best ones, you might want to consider one of the private shore excursions or join a small group tour. This is also great for solo travelers, as it adds a layer of water safety.

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Here are 13 of the best places to go snorkeling in Grand Cayman

Me kissing a stingray in the crystal clear waters of Stingray City in Grand Cayman
  1. Devil’s Grotto
  2. Sunset House
  3. Lighthouse Point
  4. Collins Beach
  5. Eden Rock
  6. Smith Cove
  7. Cayman Kai Beach
  8. Spotts Beach
  9. Cheeseburger Reef
  10. Turtle Reef
  11. Barefoot Beach
  12. Rum Point
  13. Stingray City

Stingray City is a shallow sand bank off the coast of Grand Cayman, so you need to get on a boat to get here. It is totally worth it; I loved the Stingray City tour.

You will be standing waist-high in the crystal clear waters, where the stingrays swim around you up close and personal, so to speak. You will even be explained how to walk in the sandbank water, to not accidentally step on one.

This is an incredible experience in my opinion, and you will get to try to feed them (trickier than you might think) and even get a wet kiss!

Other Excursions On Seven Mile Beach And Grand Cayman

Renting an e-bike and exploring Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman. This is my bike in front of the beach and a pier, during a break. On the blue waters in the background are several boats.

If you prefer someone else to do the planning, you can book a spot on an organized tour that takes you to the best areas around Seven Mile Beach on the biggest of the Caymans, either for snorkeling or exploring the areas in close proximity to the beach. 

You can also rent a car or rent an e-bike and fly across the island exploring on your own. 

I chose to rent an e-bike for a day, which was a perfect way to explore the western coast by myself. Not to mention, it is environmentally friendly and a great workout session!

Along the way, you will never be far away from a place that has refreshments, a meal, or even a beach massage to offer.

Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman for solo travelers. Photo from the golden sand of the west coast beach in Grand Cayman.
Visit Seven Mile Beach solo, travel in Grand Cayman. Photo collage from Grand Cayman, beaches, a catamaran on the blue water, and an e-bike by the beach from my bike tour around the island.

Beach Bars And Clubs Along Seven Mile Beach

Dinner by the sea behind the mangrove

For a luxurious beach bar experience, head to Saint June at the Ritz Carlton, close to Governors Beach.

Here, you will find unprecedented views of the sand and the sea while you savor exquisite cocktails and choose from a varied menu for lunch or a beautiful sunset dinner. 

For a more laid-back casual experience, stop at Tortuga Beach Bar for super fresh seafood prepared and enjoyed on the beach alfresco in the open air.

I recommend you go here at the end of your beach day for an absolutely stunning sunset, sand between your toes, and the best food, drinks, and service. 

Ms. Piper’s Kitchen and Garden, situated right behind the South Bay Beach Club, is a slightly hidden gem that consistently receives five-star reviews.

The lunches here are super tasty, with a charming interior and great service, and accompanied by a tropical cocktail; it gets even better.

The most really good places to stay in Grand Cayman are also located along West Bay Road, which follows Seven Mile Beach’s sandy shores, which is no surprise. 

Many have direct beach access and pools, and some also have their own beach bars and restaurants. 

Three Top-rated hotels along Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach

There are a lot of amazing beach resorts along Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman. Here is a photo of the gardens, pools, and the beach of one of them right after sunset.

Although you will find accommodation pretty much anywhere on Grand Cayman, the western coastline is home to the vast majority of hotels and resorts.

You will find both holiday homes, smaller hotels, and top-rated bigger resorts, depending on what kind of accommodation you prefer. 

Here are three top-rated places to stay along Seven Mile Beach.

Hampton By Hilton

Starting in the southern part of the beach near Camana Bay, you will find the Hampton by Hilton with top reviews, and direct access to the beach. 

The pool area and garden are beautiful, the rooms airy and delicate, and there is a fitness center if you are so inclined. And you can actually walk to the charming Camana Bay shopping area from here, where you find lots of nice cafes, restaurants and bars, too.

Caribbean Club Luxury Condos

A bit further north, you can opt for a pampering luxury experience at the Caribbean Club Luxury Condo Hotel.

Here, you will live in “your own” luxury home with all necessary and unnecessary amenities while enjoying the ambiance of a luxury hotel, a stunning pool, and just steps from the beach. 

Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa

Even further north, you find the Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa.

With amazing, elegant rooms with large windows, a stunning pool area on the property right by the beach, and, of course, the spa, this is a paradise resort along Seven Mile Beach. 

How to get to Seven Miles Beach 

The Seven Mile Beach starts around a mile from the outskirts of George Town, so it is a stretch to walk here from the island capital.

As Grand Cayman does not have Uber or Lyft (it does have an app called Flex, but it has few drivers, so you might need to wait a bit), the most convenient option is to call a taxi.

Travel By Bus

If you want to travel from one place to another along Seven Mile Beach, minibusses also drive up and down the West End along West Bay Road.

The routes along West Bay are the 1WB yellow and the 2WB green, running every few minutes. 

As there are no designated stops, you can hail a bus anywhere by looking for the “bus” sign in the window. The fare is just $2,50, and you can hop on and off wherever you need to.

Seven Mile Beach By Car

If you book a rental car, driving on Grand Cayman is easy.

Cars drive on the right, and parking lots are close to several of the most popular spots along the beach. 

How to get to Seven Mile Beach from Grand Cayman Airport.

From Owens Roberts International Airport, it is about a ten-minute drive by taxi or rental car to Seven Mile Beach. You can hail a taxi outside the arrivals area at the airport, and the fare is $25. 

You can also book a private airport shuttle from the airport online before you arrive; several companies offer this service online. 

It is possible to find a public bus as well, but it has fixed routes that might not stop anywhere close to you. The route West Bay 3’s nearest stop is at David Foster Drive outside the airport, and the bus drives along West Bay Road.  

Other Fun Things To Do In Grand Cayman:

Even with the sandy paradise right outside your door, remember that Grand Cayman has many adventures and sights beyond the sands to offer solo travelers.

You can explore the mainland or head out to sea, your choice. 

Explore At Your Own Pace

The rock formations at Hell in Grand Cayman, an area of grey rugged pointy rocks on the West End.
Hell Rock Formations on Grand Cayman

I recommend you rent an e-bike for a day on Grand Cayman and explore the West End at your own pace. As I mentioned, I did this, and it was brilliant.

There are plenty of spots you might want to stop, either for a dip in the water along the beach or go to Hell (the famous little rock formations on the island). 

Visit the Turtle Center, where you can meet the green sea turtles without getting wet (you can also swim with them). 

You can go swimming with horses all the way on top of West Bay, north of Seven Mile Beach. Starting from Restaurant Papagallo on the northernmost point, this is an incredibly serene and beautiful experience. 

And don’t worry if you have never been on horseback before; the horses are calm, and the guides will help you. 

Join An Organized Grand Cayman Tour

Heading out for a day of scuba diving in Grand Cayman, everyone prepping for the day carrying gear onto the small dive boat that is docked on a small wooden jetty. It is a bright summer day, blue seas and blue skies!
Scuba diving tour in Grand Cayman

There are plenty of island tours to choose from. The most famous one is visiting Stingray City to go swimming with stingrays!

If you love watersports, the Cayman Islands Yacht Club offers kite surfing equipment rentals, lessons, and kayaking tours of the mangroves.

For a special snorkeling experience, join a night snorkeling tour to swim with bioluminescent plankton.

Many tour operators offer boat trips, where the most popular destinations are Starfish Point and Stingray City which is often part of a multi-stop boat tour – like the ones to Stingray City.

However, you can also join a top-rated tour, explore caves, join an e-bike tour, or a rum and beer tour

Do A Road Trip Of The Island

The eastern part of the island is the more “rugged” part of Grand Cayman and is best explored with an organized tour or by renting a car if you want to set your own itinerary. 

Start by driving out to Bodden Town along the southern shores. This is actually the original capital of the Caymans, where you can see remnants of the early colonial history on the island. 

Stop at the blowholes outside Half Moon Bay. The sea rushes through holes in the rocks on the shore, creating almost a geyser effect.

Take the scenic route along the coast up to the north side of the island and make a stop at Barefoot Beach (yes, the one for snorkeling). 

Then, end your sightseeing day at Rum Point, a beach village where you can relax in a hammock or go snorkeling. Have a late lunch at Rum Point Club or The Wreck Bar and Grill, and watch the sunset from the pier.

Shopping On Grand Cayman

Outdoor pedestrian zone between the shops in Camana Bay, with a partly covering roof shielding you from the sun, surrounded by greenery, palm trees and flowers.

Definitely spend a day at Camana Bay, a nice suburban coastal town near George Town.

Camana Bay is modern and elegant yet still has a villagey feel, with a charming square facing the mangroves just inside Seven Mile Beach. 

At Camana Bay, you find great shopping, dining, and cafes for a quick stop or a long, bottomless mimosa lunch. If you travel with the love of your life, come here for a romantic dinner by the water.

Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman

A stunning sandy stretch of Seven Mile beach where the beach is narrow, and an old tree is leaning over the blue ocean.

The Seven Mile Beach stretches along Grand Cayman’s western coast for just around six miles (weirdly), but it is also the largest and most popular beach in the Caymans. 

The western shores are where you find most of the lively Caribbean vibe, beach, and water activities, and even shopping.

This area is perfect for solo travelers, with lots of vibrant life and things to do.

It is a great spot for lounging, beach-bar’ing, lounging in beach chairs, swimming, and a variety of water sports – whatever you want to put on your itinerary

The majority of the hotels and resorts are also located along the western coast, only a stone’s throw from Seven Miles Beach. 

FYI, the Caymans is not really a cheap destination, which you will notice particularly as a solo traveler. However, what makes up for that is incredible experiences and lots of things to do above and below water. 

What Are The Cayman Islands Known For 

Great dining along Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, there are a variety of restaurants to choose from. This one is super charming with parasoles, beautifully lit in the night.

The Cayman Islands, or just the Caymans, is a small island group consisting of three islands in the Caribbean Sea, situated south of Cuba and west of the Dominican Republic. 

These three islands are Little Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Grand Cayman, and the biggest one is exactly as you may have guessed: Grand Cayman. 

Cayman Brac to the east is especially popular among nature enthusiasts and the ultimate destination for scuba divers, water sports lovers, and travelers who enjoy deep-sea fishing. 

Little Cayman is also famous for spectacular scuba diving, especially in the area called Bloody Bay Marine Park, which has the Bloody Bay Wall chimney and archway dive sites.    

Grand Cayman is the largest island and home to George Town, the capital of the Cayman Islands.

It is also home to the Grand Cayman cruise port and places like Hell (a small crazy rock formation) and Stingray City, where you can get a wet kiss from a stingray.

Apart from being a tropical paradise, the Caymans are known for being a sparkling tax haven, and as a British overseas territory in the Caribbean, it is also one of the world’s largest financial centers. The island is said to have more businesses than people,

And, of course, it is known for the coveted white sands of the Seven Mile Beach.

FAQs Seven Mile Beach and Grand Cayman 

What is the best part of Seven Mile Beach?

The north to middle part of the Seven Mile beach is considered the best area, as it has a wider beach with the most sand. 

When is the best time to visit Grand Cayman?

The best time to visit Grand Cayman is during the dry season, which runs from December through May each year.

Within this period, the nicest time to visit is between February and May, when the temperatures are super friendly and rain showers are scarce. 

Grand Cayman is situated in the hurricane belt, and half the year is considered the wet season.

This period runs from June through October, which is the cheapest season to travel here, but you need to expect rain and “a lot of” weather. 

Is Grand Cayman Safe?

Grand Cayman is considered one of the safest islands in the Caribbean, with a very low crime rate. 

Is Grand Cayman expensive?

Yes, Grand Cayman is generally among the most expensive destinations in the Caribbean. While nice places to stay within a budget are available, there are no cheap hostels. 

When is hurricane season in Grand Cayman? 

​The highest risk of hurricanes on Grand Cayman is between August and October each year. 

How to get to Grand Cayman?

To get to the iconic Seven Mile Beach, you first need to get yourself to the island in the first place.

Traveling from Miami in the United States to the Grand Cayman Airport: Owen Roberts International Airport is a flight of around one and a half hours. 

A variety of airlines have direct flights from most major travel hubs in the US, making the journey easy and swift.

How to get from Grand Cayman to Little Cayman

If you want to travel from Grand Cayman to Little Cayman, you need to get on a flight, as there are no ferries available. 

You can book a domestic flight with Cayman Airways, which has regular flights between Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. 

How to get to 7 Mile Beach from a cruise ship?

Cruise passengers can travel to Seven Mile Beach from the George Town cruise port. It is about a ten-minute drive from the terminal to the expansive waterfront and sparkling waters. 

Wrap-Up Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman

Not only is Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach one of the best beaches in the world, but there are also a lot of fun things to do, wonderful places to stay, and amazing food to try when visiting the island. 

Whether you prefer to explore on your own by car or bike, join a tour, or just relax by the pool or on the pristine beaches, Grand Cayman will not disappoint anyone looking for an epic tropical vacation. 

So start planning your Caribbean getaway to this amazing little place, bring sunscreen and your swimsuit, and prepare for a truly paradisiacal holiday.

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